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International Fraud Group

International Fraud Group

The International Fraud Group began in London in 1997. Established by leading London firm, Mishcon de Reya, it was a specific response to a client’s needs. To recover assets stolen and spirited away into multiple jurisdictions. An alliance of law firms was created for the purpose. With devastating success. This one-off alliance has become a permanent global network, the criteria for membership the expertise and tenacity it takes to defeat fraudsters.

Today we are an elite group of handpicked lawyers across 37 countries that has recovered hundreds of millions of pounds. Fraud specialists, we are equipped with everything it takes to trace, freeze, seize, secure and return assets. Motivated – no matter the size and the scale of the fraud – by four tiny words: “What’s yours is yours”. We don’t rest until it is.

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What's Yours is Yours

If you were a victim of fraud, how hard or easy would it be to recover your assets.

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Future Fakes- What to do when you can no longer believe your eyes

Deepfakes – hyper realistic and convincing fake videos generated through AI technology – are potentially one of the most disturbing tech developments of recent times. Doctored video footage is nothing new but AI significantly enhances the realism of fake video, enabling unsaid words to be put into an individual's mouth. From politicians and film stars to CEO and CFOs - the ability to manipulate existing images of public figures, or simply those with sufficient visual online presence, to create fake footage, virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, has far reaching implications. Personal, financial and democratic credibility is at stake. What happens when you can no longer believe your eyes?

Past events

Fraud in 2020 and beyond

On 25 May 2017 the IFG hosted "Fraud in 2020 and beyond. An IFG panel discussing the impact of the world's fastest growing industry."


In Bad Company?

On 2nd June 2016 the IFG hosted "In Bad Company? Should companies be penalised for failing to stop employees from committing an economic crime?"

Photographs from the event.

Where has it come from? Where is it going to?

On 21st May 2015 the IFG hosted the Future View of International Fraud, a panel discussion on anonymous funding and its role in fraud.

Photographs from the event.

The Future View of Digital Security

On May 22nd 2014, the IFG hosted a panel discussion on Digital Security, chaired by Sir John Scarlett, former Chief MI6.

Photographs from the event.

The Future View of International Fraud

On the 23rd May 2013 the International Fraud Group (IFG) held its inaugural Future View of International Fraud featuring a panel discussion chaired by the Rt Hon. David Miliband on bribery, cybercrime, banking fraud and carbon trading.

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How can we help you?

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