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Our Trainees

Second Year Trainees

Megan Judd - Mishcon de Reya

Megan Judd, Second Year Trainee
From the outset, Mishcon de Reya’s commitment to its core values was clear. I have been given the opportunity to advance sustainability and new technology at the firm - both areas I am particularly passionate about. I have worked with inspirational people, who are invested in my development, on a diverse portfolio of work spanning up to the CJEU.

Shreya Chakraborty - Mishcon de Reya

Shreya Chakraborty, Second Year Trainee
Prior to starting my training contract, I had never worked in an office before. Therefore, whilst I was excited, I was also naturally nervous to begin in my first seat. However, the team at Mishcon de Reya has been so welcoming, taking time to explain basic concepts and encouraging me to ask questions. I have benefitted from a high level of exposure to clients, many of whom are entrepreneurs with unique backstories.

Jasaron Bajwa - Mishcon de Reya

Jasaron Bajwa, Second Year Trainee
I chose Mishcon de Reya because no other firm in the City has the level of excellence in areas of law I am interested in. Its position in the market, its progressive approach to technological and societal change and its success in developing its lawyers make it the perfect place to start my legal career.

Sam Steward - Mishcon de Reya

Sam Steward, Second Year Trainee
Mishcon de Reya offers a fast-paced environment underpinned by quality work, whilst truly valuing the role of a trainee. Colleagues nurture a culture of development that gives trainees significant levels of responsibility and encouragement to think creatively. Personal development is at the centre of the training programme, which offers excellent legal teaching alongside a university standard non-legal programme of learning run by the Academy.

Carolina Lung - Mishcon de Reya

Carolina Lung, Second Year Trainee
Since joining Mishcon de Reya, I've had the chance to assist with complex, multi-jurisdictional cases and get involved in different areas of the firm. This is a great place to learn and get real hands-on experience, where training is a priority, where you are given a platform to share your ideas and are always encouraged to participate.  

Eve Drysdale - Mishcon de Reya

Eve Drysdale, Second Year Trainee
Coming from a non-law background, I was concerned about moving into law, but everyone here is so lovely. There is so much personal and professional support for trainees which creates a really enjoyable environment. I have had exposure to many kinds of work already, and I'm excited to experience more over the training contract!

Grace Houghton - Mishcon de Reya

Grace Houghton, Second Year Trainee
Mishcon appealed to me because of its client based and varied practice areas. To train at a firm that excels in many areas is amazing. The wider Mishcon Group was also a standout feature for me. I feel supported and valued here. My supervisors have invested their time to my training. I am so excited to continue my journey at Mishcon.

Ellie Houston - Mishcon de Reya

Ellie Houston, Second Year Trainee
Since joining Mishcon de Reya, I have been exposed to a variety of matters, each requiring different skills and approaches. I have enjoyed working with different people, both within my team and across different departments and getting involved with larger projects which require a collaborative approach.

Agatha Hunt

Agatha Hunt, Second Year Trainee
I joined for the culture, to learn from the best and the broad scope of work. Thanks to exceptional training, I'm learning and developing as a lawyer. I feel valued as a trainee by my department. Working on a variety of matters, I am trusted to liaise with clients and the other side to progress transactions with the support of my team.

Charles Surguy - Mishcon de Reya

Charles Surguy, Second Year Trainee
Having predominantly chosen Mishcon de Reya for its excellence in disputes, I have enjoyed joining a team that is only a few months off trial. Within my first month, I had already been given opportunities to draft witness statements, letters to the other side and participate in numerous client meetings.

Sophie Kilminster - Mishcon de Reya

Sophie Kilminster, Second Year Trainee
I joined Mishcon de Reya because of their breadth of practice areas and their reputation for taking on cases which go on to shape the legal landscape. I know I am benefitting from the highest quality training here, both from hands on client work, but also through the mind-broadening offering of the Academy.

Louise Schofield - Mishcon de Reya

Louise Schofield, Second Year Trainee
I applied to Mishcon because I wanted to work for a firm with a broad range of specialisms that was embracing change and adapting to emerging technology. While trainees are at the firm to complete legal training, Mishcon really appreciate that what makes you an individual is what makes you a good lawyer.

Dan Amroussi - Mishcon de Reya

Dan Amroussi, Second Year Trainee
The breadth of Mishcon de Reya's departments, the Academy, the ancillary businesses, and the commitment to social impact make it clear how much emphasis the firm places on each individual; there is endless opportunity for everyone to express themselves and utilise their skillset in a way that is unique to them. As a trainee, I have autonomy over my workload, allowing me to make informed decisions on the types of opportunities I wish to pursue.

Declan Toolan - Mishcon de Reya

Declan Toolan, Second Year Trainee
My first few months as a trainee at Mishcon de Reya have exceeded my expectations in terms of the quality of work and the level of responsibility given to trainees. To be working on such interesting tasks alongside a wide range of personalities, all of which are passionate about what they do, makes every day feel different as well as rewarding.

Gemma Wall - Mishcon de Reya

Gemma Wall, Second Year Trainee
I joined Mishcon de Reya in June 2018 as a paralegal and immediately felt at home with the people and the culture. Being able to identify with the core values of the firm was one of the main reasons for applying to Mishcon. My positive experience of the firm has continued into my training contract, where I am working with a great team. As a trainee, you are given a diverse range of tasks and responsibilities, with plenty of support. 

Newly Qualified Solicitors

Destiny Okongwu - Mishcon de Reya

Destiny Okongwu, Newly Qualified Solicitor
Being a Trainee Solicitor at Mishcon de Reya has been an excellent experience. The firm truly has a friendly culture with people from all levels of seniority being very approachable. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in some fascinating matters and given the opportunity to make a significant contribution to them. The quality of training is high and it is evident that Mishcon de Reya is invested in your personal and professional development.

Jenna Oppong - Mishcon de Reya

Jenna Oppong, Newly Qualified Solicitor
My training contract at Mishcon de Reya has exceeded all expectations. From day one I have been given the opportunity to work on high value and complex projects, assisting some of the most experienced lawyers in the profession. The most invaluable part of my time at Mishcon de Reya has been the variety of people I have engaged with who have always been friendly, approachable, and made every interaction a positive one.

Mohammed Nazeer - Mishcon de Reya

Mohammed Nazeer, Newly Qualified Solicitor
From working with some of the biggest artists in showbusiness, to litigating the largest group action in the history of tax disputes, my training contract at Mishcon de Reya has given me an incredible level of responsibility and exposure, while the culture and people at the firm have created a fun and friendly place to work.

Aoife McCann-Jackson - Mishcon de Reya

Aoife McCann-Jackson, Newly Qualified Solicitor
Training at Mishcon de Reya has provided me with many opportunities to take real responsibility in the matters I've been working on. People are genuinely interested in the development of trainees and encourage you to pursue particular areas that spark your interest. Alongside my training, I have joined the band and performed at many internal and external events. I feel incredibly lucky to be training at a firm with a culture that has allowed me to develop professionally as well as embrace my creative side.

Charlie Wright - Mishcon de Reya

Charlie Wright, Newly Qualified Solicitor
I am constantly asked what makes Mishcon different to other firms and for me, it's the culture. There is a personal element to the work that is done across the firm – from speaking to start-up founders in Corporate and Innovation, to helping private individuals with property disputes – which has kept me motivated and interested.

Jasmin Fergus-Aghamiri - Mishcon de Reya

Jasmin Fergus-Aghamiri, Newly Qualified Solicitor
I was drawn to Mishcon de Reya’s commitment to not churn out ‘cookie-cutter’ lawyers  but to celebrate individuality. The workforce is diverse and the people are relatable and friendly regardless of seniority. The firm is non-hierarchical, so I have been given a lot of responsibility and I often work directly with Partners and clients.

Arham Malik - Mishcon de Reya

Arham Malik, Newly Qualified Solicitor
Mishcon de Reya has lived up to its reputation of having a diverse, friendly and open culture and I have felt supported to tackle new challenges and express my individuality. I have ample responsibility and I am exposed to a wide variety of work, ranging from attending hearings to drafting pleadings which have been vital learning experiences.

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