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Vacation scheme recruitment process

Applications for the 2018/19 vacation open on 1 October 2018 and close on 15 January 2019.

We do recruit on a rolling basis and whilst we do read all vacation scheme applications that have been submitted up until the 15 January deadline, we would recommend that you look to apply earlier to give you the best chance of securing an assessment day with us. We will be running assessment days as early as the end of October so submitting early ensure we can come back to you quickly regarding your application.

We are recruiting for our trainees solely through our vacation scheme. To be considered you will need to apply for our vacation scheme, after which you will be considered for a training contract interview.

We only accept online applications via our website. Please note that CVs are not accepted as a means of application.

Yes, we welcome applications from undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates or career changers with any degree discipline. For those still at university we accept applications for our vacation scheme from penultimate and final year law students and final year non-law students.

There are a few very important reasons for us moving to this route. Firstly, hiring a diverse group of candidates has always been extremely important for us and historically we have always been able to attract and recruit a vacation scheme intake that comprises of many different types of people, including university students, career changers, mature students, those with childcare responsibilities etc. all with varying life experiences and varying levels of legal experience. For example, in 2014 14% of our vac scheme intake were career changers and all of them subsequently received training contract offers.

Secondly, as a firm, we aren’t looking for students who are able to ‘ace’ an interview or an assessment day, we really want to get to know students, on the job, over a couple of weeks to ensure that they are the right fit for us and equally that we are what they are looking for as well.

Thirdly, over the past few years we, like many other firms have found that we hire almost all of our trainees through the vacation scheme. Meaning that when we reach the direct training contract applications we are faced with a large amount of applications but very few spots to offer.

For all of these reasons as well as others we have felt that the ‘vac scheme only route’ is the best way for us to progress with our training contract applications. We would like to make candidates aware that for those with extenuating circumstances we can be flexible with other date options etc. – these will be assessed on a case by case basis. We also provide accommodation for those who live outside of London and for whom commuting is not a viable option, again this will be assessed on a case by case basis. As with all our previous vacation schemes we pay the London living wage which currently equates to £341.25 a week.

Please direct any further queries on this to

Yes, we accept applications from mature students and career changers.

Typically our applications will have a 2:1 degree minimum and ABB at A-Level, however we can be flexible with these and ultimately we look for the best candidates. Please don’t be deterred if your grades are lower than this, we are looking for people who have a strong application form across the board. Candidates should enter their GCSE, A-level (or equivalent) and a full breakdown of their degree grades on the application form.

We appreciate that results obtained abroad are not always in the same format as UK qualifications; however you should enter your results into the form in the best way possible. Please enter results equivalent to GCSE, A Levels and Degree (if you studied these). Any explanation of your results should be written in the ‘Additional Information’ section under the academic results part of the form.

  1. Application - part 1
    This form will require you to complete some basic details about yourself - your personal contact info, academics etc.
  2. Situational Strengths Test (SST) and Critical Reasoning Test (CRT)
    These are online assessments, which are completed remotely by you, more detail on these tests can be found in the FAQ 'How do the online assessments work?'   
  3. Application - part 2
    This is a more detailed application form where we ask you to detail your work experience to date, your extra-curricular activities and you will complete some free-text questions.
  4. Video interview
    You will receive a link asking you to complete the video interview. This is a one-way recorded interview where you will be shown a number of questions and have a set amount of time to record your response online.
  5. Case Study (face to face)
    This is a face-to-face exercise which is completed when you come into the office. You will be given all information materials on the day and given time to prepare before meeting with an assessor.
  6. Interview (face to face)
    This is the final stage in the process. The interview takes place in our office, and is a chance for our interviewers to find out more about you.

Video interviewing allows you, the candidate, to complete the interview at a time and location which is convenient to you. Our previous use of telephone interviews could mean that candidates waited longer to be able to book a slot and that the times available were not always suitable. This way we can move you through our process more quickly without compromising on the quality of our recruitment process. This is the third year we are using video interviews and we received very positive feedback during the last recruitment round about this method.

We want everyone to feel comfortable when completing our recruitment process. If you have a disability or condition that means a video interview isn’t suitable for you please email us at once you receive your invite to interview. We will provide you with an alternative that better suits your needs.

If you do not have the technology available to you to complete a video interview please email explaining your situation and we will come back to you with another option.

Our covering letter has a word limit. Therefore we would recommend that you launch straight into your reasons for why you want to be a lawyer and why you want to practise law at Mishcon.  You do not need to address the letter to a particular person at Mishcon de Reya, and you do not need to include your address.

In certain circumstances we may be able to accommodate an ‘out of cycle’ vacation scheme. If you are unable to make any of the scheme dates please apply using the application form and explain your reasons for needing another date within the ‘additional information’ section of the form.

Yes, we appreciate the time and effort you put into our application process, and we take the time to fully consider and respond to each application. It may take a while for the HR team to get back to you. Please be patient with us, we always endeavour to get back to candidates as soon as we can.

We aim to contact all applicants by the end of April 2018 to confirm the outcome of their application.

For the fourth year running we will not have a direct training contract application process. If you are unsuccessful in gaining a place on the vacation scheme you will need to re-apply again the following year.

The deadline for the application form is 15 January, whilst we recommend that you don't leave it until the deadline to submit your application, if you do choose to submit on the last day you need to be aware of the quick turnaround times in which you must complete the next few stages of your application. Candidates will have until 21 January to complete the online tests AND the full application form (providing you are successful in passing the online assessments). Below are the steps for the application stages and their deadlines. Unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions to extend the deadlines.

  1. Application - part 1 (deadline: midnight, 15 January)
    This form will require you to complete some basic details about yourself - your personal contact info, academics etc. and shouldn't take very long to complete, hence we recommend completing it as soon as possible.
  2. Situational Strengths Test (SST) and Critical Reasoning Test (CRT) (deadline: midnight, 17 January)
    These are online assessments, which are completed remotely by you, more detail on these tests can be found in the FAQ 'How do the online assessments work?'  
  3. Application - part 2 (deadline – midnight, 21 January)
    This is the more detailed part of the application form where we ask you to detail your work experience to date, your extra-curricular activities and complete some free-text questions.

Please enter a full breakdown of your academics in your application form. GDL and LPC grade breakdowns should be added into the post-graduate academic section of the application form.

Please email if you are unable to complete the video interview by your specified deadline.

General queries

Yes, we provide full LPC and GDL funding, and a maintenance grant of £6,000 payable in the GDL and LPC year. Please note that unfortunately we are unable to make payments retrospectively for GDL and LPC courses which have already been commenced or completed at the time of a training contract offer.

Due to the high level of demand for work experience, we are unable to accommodate requests outside of our formal programmes. We would encourage you to have a look at the details for our vacation schemes to see whether you can apply for one of these

We recruit paralegals on a rolling basis throughout the year, as and when the need arises. Please visit our current vacancies.

If you do not currently have permission to work in the UK please provide full details of how you intend to qualify for this so that we can consider whether or not it is possible for us to progress your application. We will look at each application on a case by case basis. Any offer will be conditional on your right to work in the UK.

Once you have submitted your application form you will receive an email asking you to complete two online assessments.

The first assessment is a Situational Strengths Test (SST) where you will be presented with a range of scenarios and situations you may encounter when joining us. The SST will provide you with an idea of the culture at Mishcon de Reya and the typical tasks and responsibilities of our Trainees. There is no time limit for this test, however we would recommend you complete the assessment in one sitting. The second assessment is a Critical Reasoning Test, which assesses your current problem solving and decision-making skills. The test is split into sections, each with its own set of instructions and each section contains four questions. We expect the assessment to take around 45 minutes to complete.

On the application form you will be asked to enter information regarding your working rights for the vacation scheme and the training contract. To provide us with further information, such as which type of visa you are currently on or will be for the training contract, please fill in the in the 'please add any further information regarding your work permit status' section, on the application form.

Vacation schemes

We run three vacation schemes per year, one is Spring and two over the Summer. The dates for these programmes are below:

  • Spring 8-18 April 2019

  • Summer 1 1-12 July 2019

  • Summer 2 15-26 July 2019

Our Spring and Summer schemes run for two weeks, you will spend each week in a different department, allowing you to compare two areas of legal work. In previous schemes our students have been given drafting to complete, attend client meetings, been present at court, completed research and assisted our Partners and fee-earners with a whole host of other tasks. We aim to give our vacation scheme students a taste of what trainee life at Mishcon is life.

On your first day you will attend a half day induction to give you further information about the rest of your programme and receive training on our IT systems. You will also get to meet our current trainees. During your second week you will also attend a training contract assessment day.

We hold social events on a couple of the evenings to allow you to get to know each other out of the office. Those attending the Summer schemes are also invited to the Mishcon firmwide Summer party.

Whilst you are sitting in our departments your supervisor will allocate work and provide feedback on how you have gotten on, during your second week with us you will also attend an assessment day. Feedback from both your departmental work and your assessment day will inform the decision as to whether you will be bought back for a training contract interview.

Yes, we pay the current London Living Wage which is £10.20 per hour and equates to £357 per week.

The amount of tax that you pay will depend upon your tax position (i.e. whether or not you are currently a student or whether you have been working etc). Before you join you will be provided with the relevant tax forms, but guidance should be sought by you from your local tax office.

Once our vacation scheme students have completed their programme with us they are considered for a training contract interview. When these have taken place we usually offer approximately 15 training contracts each year.

Graduate and Trainee Programme

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