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MDR Cyber: Environmental, Social, and Governance due diligence

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks are increasingly important for those investing in or creating commercial partnerships in other organisations. We offer ESG due diligence services that help identify and manage these risks and ensure that investments align with values and long-term goals.

Our ESG due diligence process begins with a thorough analysis of the target organisation's ESG performance from publicly available information and our broad range of sources. This includes regulatory compliance, environmental impact, labour practices, community engagement and governance structures. We assess ESG performance against best practices and identify any significant risks that may impact financial performance or reputation. Ultimately all ESG risks can be thought of as reputational when practices are out of kilter with the public's expectations and mood.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive report that highlights the key ESG risks and opportunities, along with an assessment of the risks involved. Our report is designed to help our clients make informed decisions, by identifying any significant ESG risks that may impact the target company's financial performance or reputation and to provide assurance across their portfolio.

For clients who require a deeper ESG due diligence review, we offer the option to conduct interviews with key personnel and review internal documentation such as policies and procedures, and detailed compliance documentation. This deeper review provides a more detailed understanding of the company's ESG performance.

Our ESG due diligence services are tailored to meet the needs of those looking to make investments, or to assure the ESG credentials of suppliers and partners. We understand that every commercial relationship is different and requires a bespoke approach to ESG analysis. Our services provide a customised approach to ESG analysis that ensures our clients receive the level of analysis that best fits their needs and that is proportionate to the risks faced by a particular situation.

Working closely with our in-house specialist sustainability business, Mishcon Purpose, we also offer insights for integrating ESG considerations at a strategic level. This includes monitoring rapidly changing regulatory requirements and a growing body of law to assist clients in building responsible, resilient and successful businesses.


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