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Eco Tech is crucial to our relationship with the world’s resources, and how we learn to live within them. Although we might automatically think of green tech and areas such as agriculture and food production, eco tech has a much wider influence and impact, which we are working with our clients to increase. 

For example, as the world looks to minimise and eventually eliminate emissions from fossil fuels, electric vehicles must become practical and viable alternatives. The focus on eco-effectiveness has led to the use of niobium tungsten oxides in batteries, increasing their performance, storage capacity and reducing charging time. 

Similarly, we see diversifying and restoring land, using a combination of reforestation, natural regeneration, and regenerative agriculture practices increasing, as well as reward for green investments. Artificial Intelligence and satellite imagery are increasing now being used to effectively identify projects with high quality natural capital and helping to reduce transaction costs for those investing in projects. 

Both these examples are drawn from the work of our clients and reflect how our support for them is contributing to positive impact across the eco-innovation spectrum. As a team, we are focused on entrepreneurs and innovators and understand the sectors in which they operate and the help they need to realise their aims. 

Whatever the status of your eco tech project– start-up, fast-growing or established business – we can guide you at every stage, through funding rounds, contracts, IP and licensing, global expansion and ultimately exit. Besides the legal aspect, we have a strong and influential network, including investors, as well as like-minded businesses and specialists in complementary services that could become customers or partners. 

We take the concept of eco-innovation as seriously as you do, and want to use our experience, knowledge and determination to join you in shaping a better world through technological and societal progress. To discuss how we can support you with your eco tech projects, please get in touch. 

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How can we help you?

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