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DSAR support

Taking the distraction out of Data Subject Access Requests

Data subject access requests (DSARs) must be responded to accurately and responsibly. But they shouldn’t be a major distraction from your core business.

The combination of our Data & Privacy team's expertise and our access to powerful document review tools will help you deal with any DSAR compliantly, rapidly and cost-effectively.


Minimised Distraction

Managing DSARs can consume time and create stress. We can handle DSARs for you, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities.

Comprehensive Support

We take care of all aspects of DSARs, including advising on strategies to respond, communications with the data subject, assessing records to be removed from disclosure, redacting information, preparing the disclosure, and offering practical advice throughout.

Deep Rooted Expertise

Searches are carried out by our multi-disciplinary Data & Privacy team, providing you with access to support across any aspect of data protection and privacy. We have a wealth of experience in diligently handling DSARs in even the most challenging circumstances.

How we support you

Handling DSARs from employees, consumers or clients can be time-consuming, stressful and distract you from running your business.

A data subject is entitled to a copy of any records of their personal data, unless an exemption applies. This often means thousands of documents must be reviewed, redacted, and disclosed within a maximum of a one month deadline – a significant extra workload for your legal & compliance, IT and HR teams.

Here’s how we can help you meet your compliance obligations whilst easing the pressure on your workload:


1. We take care of communications

Trust us to manage all communications, including communicating directly with the data subject and / or their representative, to minimise stress and tensions. This includes acknowledging receipt, confirming any necessary extensions, limiting the scope, and explaining the extent of the disclosure.

2. Faster document review

You run some basic searches and send us all the records you find. We have partnered with leading document review platforms that use predictive coding to ensure the records review exercise is as accurate as a human-driven review, and in less than half the time.

3. Filter out irrelevant or exempt records

The initial search will inevitably bring up records which are unrelated to the data subject, or otherwise exempt from disclosure – for example, because they form part of employee settlement negotiations. Our experienced Data & Privacy team will identify and remove anything that should not be disclosed.

4. Redact protected information

Once we have identified all the records that do need to be disclosed, we will then redact each document for you to remove non-disclosable information, so that you are only ever disclosing what you have to.

5. Managing disclosure

We can help prepare the final records to be disclosed together with the legally required information needed in your response to the data subject. We can manage the response directly for you or work behind the scenes so you can simply hit send.

6. Reassuring strategic advice

Depending on the context in which the DSAR was made (be that in a consumer, commercial or employment context), we can advise on the wider strategic issues to get the best outcome for you from the DSAR.  

Get in touch

For more information about how we can support you to deal with your DSARs quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, please contact James Boyle or Emily Francis, or complete the form below.


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