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Oxford+ Podcast

Welcome to the official Oxford+ podcast series, brought to you by Mishcon de Reya and hosted by Susannah de Jager.

Most famous for its university, Oxford is an underestimated hub for innovation. This podcast series explores the people, technologies, companies and sources of funding which sit beneath Oxford's rich history and world-renowned universities. By sharing these conversations and insights into what makes them special, we hope to demystify Oxford's investment ecosystem and explore its unique potential.

Join us as we celebrate the untold stories and explore some of the opportunities, challenges, and transformative ideas that make Oxford a formidable location for start-ups and those that invest in them. 

Find out more at www.oxfordplus.co.uk

Recent programmes


Oxford+ podcast: Dave Norwood

Dave Norwood is the founder of IP Group PLC and Oxford Science Innovation, now Oxford Science Enterprises, the largest university venture fund globally, which has brought in over 1.5 billion of investment into Oxford since its inception in 2015.


Oxford+ podcast: Rowan Gardner

Rowan Gardner is a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO with over 30 years of experience in health tech, digital health, deep tech, and biotech.


Oxford+ podcast: Nicholas Lyons

Nicholas Lyons is the former Lord Mayor of the City of London, a position he held following a 21-year career in executive roles in investment banking.


Oxford+ podcast: Mark Preston

Mark Preston is the CTO of Street Drone, a pre-seed company developing low-speed, hyper-local deliveries in ports, commercial settings and local neighbourhoods.


Oxford+ podcast: Cici Muldoon

Cici Muldoon is the founder and CEO of Verity Group, an Oxford-based technology company specialising in the spectroscopic analysis of highly complex dilute liquids.

Susannah de Jager

Susannah has over 15 years experience in UK asset management. She started her career in financial publishing and soon moved across to the boutique side of things where she was focused on business development, operations, executive management, including as the CEO.

These days, Susannah is focused on the UK Venture ecosystem. She advises BOOST (“Best Out Of Science and Technology”) working to improve access to domestic scale-up capital for UK science and technology companies.

Mishcon Future

We work with clients at every stage of the innovation life cycle, from the technology transfer functions of our leading universities and research institutes, to early-stage companies through their growth and acquisition, to scale-ups and on into multi-national corporates seeking to stay relevant and challenge convention.

Our mission is to shape a better world through innovation, creating value for our clients and for society.

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How can we help you?

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