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Mishcon de Reya and Blackstone Chambers delivers Queen Mary University's first International Asset Tracing Course

Posted on 11 February 2022

In November 2021, Mishcon de Reya LLP partnered with Blackstone Chambers and The Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary University of London to deliver the University's first-ever International Asset Recovery Course.

The five-day programme, which aimed to build delegates' expertise in asset tracing with a focus on the legal and practical aspects, was delivered by Gary Miller, a Partner at Mishcon de Reya and Chairman of the International Fraud Group, Tony Peto QC, Joint Head of Blackstone Chambers, Philippa Rees, a Professional Support Lawyer in Dispute Resolution at Mishcon de Reya and Leona Powell, a leading junior specialising in civil fraud and asset recovery at Blackstone Chambers.

The course, attended by lawyers, investigators, forensic accountants, litigation funders and other asset recovery professionals, was structured to reflect the entire asset recovery process from the moment a fraud is discovered through to the successful recovery of the assets.

In this video, attendees share their feedback on the course.

The game starts from the minute you’ve got the asset disclosure.

We have to make Judges feel they’ve got to act immediately.

It’s not a repeat of anything you have done before and the simple reason for that is the course is being run and is attended by people who are doing this day in and day out.

I feel a lot more confident that I know what tools there are in this space and how to apply them.

It’s quite hard to find a course which has a good level of legal foundation if you like, plus the practical side.

If you can get a Trust claim off the ground there are loads of advantages to it.

Running through the whole life of the course has been this on-going case study.

Now I feel I actually have a very clear understanding how the whole process works and how people makes decisions.

Obviously, these cases run for years and years and years so doing a course which combines both practical and legal issues over the lifetime of the case but in a matter of weeks was extremely helpful.

One of the key things actually is dealing with the banks and kind of logistics and practicalities of the Freezing Order.

It’s been delivered so well and because there’s so much interaction with everybody and everyone’s a professional, I found that so useful.

Has anyone here done a multi-site search order execution?

The element of live debate about it was absolutely priceless because it didn’t feel like someone has just sat down, made some bullet points and introduced it to the relevant law.

It’s also given us I think, all a forum where we can pick people’s brains and ask questions that we normally maybe wouldn’t in a strictly work environment setting.

You’ve got investigators, lawyers, some funders, all of whom are tackling the asset recovery subject and problem from different angles.

You’re getting all those different perspectives; things are explained so you’re not expected to have any existing knowledge.

There is about 8 or 9 million out of a claim that’s worth a couple of billion but it’s gone and there’s been some lies about ownership to cover it up.

You go for it, you don’t have to be a lawyer and it’s just a fantastic way of really understanding a case from start to finish.

It’s all live and real knowledge of what’s happening in the fraud space.

I absolutely 100% do it. I have not seen a single person or spoken to a single person in this room who didn’t find it incredibly useful.

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