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Cyber threats for businesses – The latest intelligence, Q2 2021

Posted on 6 August 2021

In July, Cyber Intelligence Director, Mark Tibbs and Cyber Manager, Adam Lorimer invited Kimberley Bromley from Digital Shadows to discuss the latest strategic threats and incidents that impacted Cyber Security leaders in Q2 2021.

The panellists discussed:

  • The Colonial Pipeline attack and the recovery of the ransom
  • Scammers using legacy protocols to circumvent multi-factor authentication  
  • Exploit kits raising eyebrows
  • What the Recent CI0P ransomware arrests tell us about enforcement against these groups

Some key steps businesses can take to protect themselves are:

  • Be 'threat-led' in your approach and prioritize defence against specific types of attack
  • Justify business decisions based on cyber security changes, technology or service
  • Respond authoritatively to enquire from business leadership
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