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Scents and Sensibility: the return to all-natural fragrances

Posted on 10 November 2017


Lawfully Chic is our blog for art-lovers and adventurers, fashionistas and culture vultures, who believe in fair play, fair trade and fair travel. This week, our blogger discusses the return to all-natural fragrances

Having spritzed our way around department store and airport perfume counters, most of us have a ‘signature’ scent or at least one favourite perfume; we feel underdressed if we forget to put it on and somewhat disloyal if we opt for an alternative.

But what if you discovered that familiar fragrance contains hidden toxins that are potentially damaging to your health and the health of others? A host of ingredients typically found in synthetic perfumes have been linked to various ailments, ranging from skin irritation to hormone disruption and even cancer. Discussions around the need for clear labelling and transparency throughout the industry, are raging internationally. Luckily, as the green beauty market blossoms, a growing array of all-natural fragrances are proving that Mother Nature really does do it best.

Click here to read our LawfullyChic blog.

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