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Mishcon de Reya hosts Big Legal Lesson Workshop

Posted on 16 April 2024

On 18 March 2024, Mishcon de Reya hosted a group of Year 10 students from Trinity Academy Brixton for The Big Legal Lesson Workshop.  

The event was part of a nationwide initiative by the education charity, Young Citizens, whose goal is to teach young people about the law. A recent Young Citizens poll finding that only 13% of students in the UK had received a lesson on the law by the time they reach their A-levels. The aim of the session was to help buck this trend, demystifying the law for a set of students and equipping with them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to become proactive members of society.  

The workshop consisted of a series of activities. It explained how the law impacts their daily lives, the process of making and amending laws, who is responsible for doing so, and how they, as young people, could influence lawmakers and make their voices heard. A group of Mishcon solicitors led the activities, facilitating conversation and debate among the students. The environment allowed the students to freely ask questions and openly discuss various legal concepts and how they might be affected by them. It was great to see how engaged the students were, with their critical-thinking and discussion skills proudly on display, and how well they were able to relate their own experiences to the topics explored during the session.  

The workshop concluded with a creative session where students were encouraged to propose a new law they felt passionate about. The range of ideas was impressive, with students suggesting various innovative solutions to urgent societal issues such as the cost-of-living crisis and rising food prices. Some students suggested implementing periodic driving test retakes to ensure road safety. Others discussed lowering university fees, making public transport free for under 18s, and even a law to prevent teachers from banning mobile phones in school. The forum of open discussions within the smaller groups provided a practical example of how laws are created in the UK, and why it is important to consider the viewpoints and perspectives of people from all different backgrounds to create laws that are fair and appropriate for everyone.  

We hope the workshop has left the students feeling confident to continue exploring legal topics, engaging in meaningful discussions, and challenging injustices they encounter.  

About Young Citizens  

Young Citizens is a national charity lighting the spark of active citizenship in the next generation. Established in 1989, it delivers skills, knowledge and enrichment to over half a million children each year through a dynamic range topical classroom resources and immersive learning experiences.  

Their team of education experts works to equip young minds with the confidence to shape both local communities and powerful systems. They do this by mobilising teachers, professionals and policy makers to transfer expertise to the people who need it most, making complex current affairs accessible to all. Ultimately, they want to see a thriving, inclusive and youth-led democracy. 

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