16 October 2014

Mishcon de Reya announces £15k Research Grant as part of its Academy programme

Mishcon de Reya has today announced the creation of The Academy Research Grant. The Mishcon Academy, launched in 2013, has been revitalised for 2014 with a brand new theme: Challenges to the rule of law.

The research agenda over the coming academic year is designed to consider the 'hard cases', the challenges to the rule of law in the rule of law/post-rule of law era, and how our polity might deal with such challenges while retaining its respect for the rule of law. The Firm wishes to consider what a respect for the rule of law means in early 21st Century England and how this vital cornerstone of our political outlook might adapt in order to cope with the urgent challenges of our age.

In order to further this research agenda, and to provide a contribution to the debates on the rule of law, Mishcon Academy has created a Research Grant to award to an organisation of its choosing. The Research Grant will be awarded to the organisation which produces, in the view of the judging panel, the most interesting and exciting research brief, one which identifies one or more of the themes above in which there is scope to contribute to current debates, and which is also relevant to the businesses of Mishcon de Reya's clients and the industries in which they operate.

The successful research brief will:

  1. Identify the element or elements of the rule of law which, in the author's opinion, warrants sustained research and consideration;
  2. Explain how the author will conduct the research, and what resources will be used;
  3. Explain what conclusions the author believes the research will yield;
  4. Set out the relevant time frames (see below); and
  5. Ultimately seek to explain how the finished report will contribute to debates on the rule of law in a manner relevant to us as a London and New York-based law firm, and (crucially) relevant to our clients' businesses and industry-sectors.

Anyone is eligible for apply for the Research Grant – there are no restrictions. The budget must not exceed £15,000 (plus VAT), the project from start to finish should not exceed three months and a research report of no more than 10,000 words needs to be delivered by Monday 13th April 2015.

To apply for the grant, applicants must provide a research proposal (maximum of 500 words) and a short CV and supporting statement outlining why they are interested in these issues and best placed to conduct the research. The application deadline is Friday 21st November.

Anyone wishing to apply for the research grant should send their proposal and CV to and be prepared to be interviewed by the panel which consists of James Libson (Executive Partner), Anthony Julius (Director of the Academy), Lisa Tremble (External Affairs Director) and Antony O'Loughlin (New Thinking Lead).

A shortlist of three proposals will be selected for interview. Interviews will take place on Friday 5th December or Monday 8th December 2014 with a final decision announced by Friday 19th December 2014.