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In conversation with Nemonte Nenquimo


Join us for a session with Nemonte Nenquimo, a member of the Waorani tribe from the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest, who has lived a life deeply rooted in the traditions of her people, from plant medicines and foraging to the art of oral storytelling and shamanism. At the age of 14, Nemonte's journey took her away from the forest to study in the city, but the call of her ancestors in her dreams drew her back to her cultural heritage. And in 2019, Nemonte successfully sued the Ecuadorian Government, saving half a million acres of the Amazon rainforest from oil drilling, and providing a precedent for other Indigenous nations wanting to counteract resource extraction within Indigenous territory.

In her astonishing memoir, Nemonte, alongside her husband Mitch Anderson, founder of Amazon Frontlines, weaves a narrative that spans generations. Together, they delve into the oral histories of her tribe, confront the legacy of conquest, and challenge the racist perceptions of Indigenous peoples. Her story is a testament to the resilience and richness of the Waorani culture and the Amazon rainforest itself.

This session is a chance to hear Nemonte's extraordinary life story.

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