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How to cope with ambition and success: does it really come at a price? A discussion with Adam Leigh

When: Monday 27 September 2021Time: 15:00 - 16:00 BST

This live session will be chaired by Kate Clark, Partner at Mishcon de Reya and will be held virtually on Zoom. 

Adam Leigh has spent thirty years in an advertising career, trampling on those that got in his way while also managing to enjoy lots of long lunches. He learnt everything there was to know about selling dog food, toilet paper and the small print on a mortgage ad. Serious stuff. Undeterred, he wanted to find out in his middle-age dotage if he could still write. His first novel is The Curious Rise of Alex Lazarus

In the book, restless advertising executive Alex Lazarus meets charming lawyer Julian Lloyd-Mason, by chance, whilst looking after their children in the park They hatch a plan to launch a parenting website together. Primaparent.com goes global and Alex suddenly finds the fame and fortune he always craved. But the trappings of success come at a price. As his life begins to fall apart, he realises too late that wanting more can sometimes get you less. 

Adam will discuss ambition, money, power and ponder how an individual is expected to cope with these challenges. Adam will also reflect on his successful career more broadly and the (fictional) journey that his protagonist, Alex Lazarus, goes through. 

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