Financial Times
07 May 2015

London: a global city viewed with mistrust by the electorate

Kamal Rahman’s clients are Russians, Middle Easterners and Brazilians — and they are all fixated on a UK general election that may determine their future.

Ms Rahman is a London-based immigration lawyer for rich clients. In the past two months, she says, many have put on hold plans to relocate to the UK as they await the result of a contest in which wealthy foreigners have been branded tax dodgers and given the distinct impression they are no longer welcome.

A lot of my clients are saying: ‘Why do they not want rich people here?’” Ms Rahman said. “They find it incomprehensible.”

Ever since the “big bang” deregulation of Britain’s financial markets enacted by Margaret Thatcher in 1986, the UK has followed a liberalising trajectory that was accompanied by a public enthusiasm for wealth more commonly associated with the US.

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