A multi-disciplinary team to manage your workplace investigations

Investigations are often carried out by an employer's own HR or in-house team, however there are situations where using an external investigator may be more appropriate. This could be where the issues are particularly sensitive, political or complex, where legal privilege and confidentiality will need to be protected, or simply where there are insufficient resources to deal with the issue in-house. Conducting an external investigation demonstrates that you are treating the issue seriously and any recommendations will therefore carry considerable weight.

Our team of specialist lawyers has wide-ranging experience of workplace investigations. We are well-versed in the concerns that arise at all levels of an organisation and can quickly and efficiently untangle the relevant facts from an often complex set of circumstances.

Our Employment lawyers work hand in hand with lawyers and non-lawyers from across the firm - including our civil, criminal and regulatory investigations experts, our reputation protection team and our in house cyber consultancy, MDR Cyber – to ensure that the investigation will be carried out thoroughly yet efficiently with due regard to the sensitivities of the matter.  

Our team will provide you with a concise and easy to digest investigation report, with conclusions clearly set out, enabling you to move forward to a resolution.

For more information, please contact Daniel Naftalin.

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