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Employment Status Audit

A lack of clarity around employment status is not just a concern for the gig economy. Any business which engages individuals outside the traditional employment model will need to ensure that its arrangements are properly assessed to avoid falling foul of employment law or tax rules.

The tests for determining employment status are complex and differ depending on whether status is assessed for the purposes of employment rights or tax treatment. Written documentation as well as the reality of the relationship with each individual will be relevant. It is essential that your arrangements stand up to scrutiny while allowing you to retain a flexible workforce.

We can help you get employment status right by working with you to assess your workforce and the different categories of individuals whom you engage. Through our employment status audit we can:

  • Review your existing contracts and working arrangements
  • Highlight areas of risk
  • Advise you on ways to reduce risk
  • Draft new contractual documentation
  • Assist with implementation programmes

For more information, or to discuss an Employment Status Audit for your business, please contact Susannah Kintish or Åsa Waring.

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