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Producing employment documents, from job offers and contracts to leaver letters and settlement agreements, is a time-consuming process. There may be a number of different templates for each type of document, the final documents are often inconsistent and errors are easily made.

Our automated template package is designed to combat these issues, using the latest technologies to provide a streamlined system for all your employment documents needs, dramatically reducing the time and risk associated with drafting employment documentation.

What is it?

A web based document automation system that delivers:

  • Reduced drafting time
  • Consistent quality
  • Improved risk management

How does it work?

We can automate your existing employment documentation, or create a new suite of automated documents tailored to your business. We will design appropriate questionnaires for the documents that are clear and easy to follow.

We will include tailored guidance, notes and links to relevant knowhow, helping you to quickly produce high quality documents that will help protect the business.

What are the benefits?

  • Online access to your HR documents, enabling you to create multiple documents from a single point of entry.
  • An easy to use system that will produce high quality and consistent documents fast.
  • Simple questionnaires that will enable document drafting to be delegated to more junior members of staff - even the drafting of complex documents - without compromising on quality.
  • Training session for your staff on using the system and how to make the most of it, accompanied by a guide.
  • An optional annual review to ensure all your documents are up to date and employment law compliant on a continuing basis. 

What will it cost?

The initial build of your documents into an automated system, together with the design of the questionnaires and guidance, will be priced on a case by case basis depending on your requirements.

If you wish to discuss your requirements and how we can help you in more detail, please contact Åsa Waring

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