MDR LAB Spotlight on…. Salt DNA

Posted on 04 December 2017

SaltDNA provides a solution for encrypted communications between mobile devices with full, centralised control for the enterprise. In 2017 they were invited on the MDR LAB programme, joining Mishcon de Reya for ten weeks.

In this film CEO Joe Boyle explains the need for secure communications and shares his thoughts on being part of MDR LAB.  

Mishcon de Reya

MDR LAB Spotlight on…. Salt DNA

“The problem is insecure, uncontrolled communications within organisations when there’s a lot of sensitive or private information being exchanged.”

Joe Boyle – CEO



We could see that when the iPhone came in it was hugely disruptive, the Blackberry was losing its grip on secure communications.  I knew controls would have to come in for iPhones and for android devices.  So saltDNA offers a closed communication platform for an organisation.  Trusted individuals work together within a closed group and share very sensitive information such as in a legal case.  When we got the opportunity to actually pitch in the MDR Labs we thought that this would be a way to bring us to the next level and develop very specific features for the legal use case and in doing that we’ve actually built desktop support and secure document exchange which is a real killer for us.  I suppose the single message I would give to other innovators is to make sure they stay heavily engaged with the end users of the system because the feedback that they get and the changes they make is the difference between success and failure.