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The primary AI and ML solutions to consider for your business

Posted on 8 March 2024

It’s well known that AI and machine learning (ML) offer a wealth of practical solutions that can transform your business. It is now estimated that nearly half of businesses are now using ML in their operations. But the magnitude of AI applications available makes it hard to know what will work best for your business. When it comes to AI and ML solutions, picking a project that aligns with your overall business strategy is the answer. So, if looking to implement AI into your operations then here is a selection of some of the primary use cases for you to consider.

Streamlining operations and boosting efficiency

One of the biggest use cases for AI and ML is increased productivity, and there are many ways AI can achieve this. Repetitive tasks, manual data entry, and inefficient workflows all hinder your business growth and eat into your bottom line. ML can automate low-value tasks, freeing up your employees’ time so they can focus on the more strategic elements of their workload.

Businesses that provide physical products can use AI algorithms, such as demand forecasting, to analyse historical data and market trends to accurately predict the future. This then allows them to optimise their inventory, streamline their supply chain and allocate resources more effectively.

ML-powered predictive maintenance can also analyse sensor data from equipment to predict potential failures and proactively schedule maintenance, minimising downtime and costs in industries such as manufacturing.

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