Sports Group Summer Reading List 2020

Issue 4

Data leaks in sports

Given the huge revenues at stake and the high net worth of some sportspeople, the global sports industry is a particularly attractive target for cyber criminals.

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Can disruption shape the future of sports?

Sports' return is big news for fans and sponsors alike.

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Will hope or litigation light our way into Tokyo 2021?

The modern Olympic Games can be traced back to 1896, and has only previously been suspended three times.

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Season tickets and consumer rights

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Brexit, COVID-19 and Immigration - A Premier (League) Update

Following the onset of COVID-19, the English Premier League was in recovery for just over three months.

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Can third party trade marks be used within video games?

The extent to which video game makers can use third party brands within the game is currently a hot topic. In March 2020, a New York court ruled on whether the publisher of the hugely successful Call of Duty games had infringed the HUMVEE trade mark by depicting Humvee military vehicles in the game.

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