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Our top 10 quotes from Jazz Shapers in 2021

Posted on 23 December 2021

2021 saw yet another incredible Jazz Shapers line up, featuring innovators who have forged their own distinctive paths to success across a dizzying array of fields. Below are our top 10 quotes from our guests over the last year.

To choose your own favourite from this or any previous years, revisit the Jazz Shapers archive here.

"The impact really is to show that you can be good and good guys can win and you don’t need to be ruthless, you don’t need to crush everything around you."

Asma Khan, Darjeeling Express

"I’ve always had a really, really strong sense of fairness, of right and wrong and you start to realise that if you have a slightly public platform, you’re wasting it if you don’t use it."

Alex Depledge, Resi

"There’s the saying birds of a feather flock together – if you’re around a community that isn’t uplifting you and empowering you, you’re not really going to have much of an insight or understanding as to what is possible."

Lavinya Stennett, The Black Curriculum

"It dawned on us that if we had the right relationships – and we only brought them work that was going to matter and was going to be famous – then we’d be able to ensure their loyalty and their time."

Nils Leonard, Uncommon

"Every single person that we hire in Babylon, we ask three questions, one is, is this person exceptional? Two is, do we have something exceptional for them to do that is worthy of who they are? And three is, would I let them bring up my children? And that third question is still with us." 

Dr Ali Parsa, Babylon

"I think in my DNA, I thrive on challenges and thrive on taking risks and if I’m not taking a risk, frankly I don’t feel like I’m trying hard enough."

Sir Keith Mills GBE DL

"Don’t let anybody else impose on you what they think you’re capable of and what’s the best looking life and career for you." 

Edwina Dunn OBE, Dunnhumby

"The key to success for me in the creative world – and probably I take that over into my business world – is this true need to co-create and that takes listening skills and responsive skills." 

Josh Wood, Josh Wood Colour

"I don’t believe in networking for networking’s sake, I believe in just loving and showing that you love the people whose work and whose approach to life outside of work you just genuinely do rate."

Liv Little, gal-dem

"You have to be purpose driven both in terms of acquiring, understanding, motivating and obtaining talent both for yourself and for your customers."

Raj Tulsiani, Green Park and Race Equality Matters

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