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Mishcon de Reya launches Hong Kong based business insights consultancy, MDRi

Posted on 12 March 2024

Mishcon de Reya has today announced the launch of MDRi, a new market insights and analytics business within the MDR Group, which provides strategic advisory services to businesses worldwide.  

MDRi specialises in collecting and analysing data about markets, industries, and consumer behaviour to help clients make informed decisions about their products, services and market strategies, and foster overall business growth. It has a particular focus on private sector clients across Asia in the financial services, automotive, real estate, and luxury retail, tourism and leisure sectors.  

Based in Hong Kong, with resources also in Singapore and London, MDRi is strategically positioned to serve high-value sectors in Asia, where economic growth and market opportunities are significant.  

The business will be led by CEO Simon Tye. Simon has more than 20 years' experience in market insights and analytics working with businesses and consumers across North America, the Asia-Pacific and Greater China. Supporting Simon is a team of experienced insight generation and data analytics specialists. 

MDRi offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to equip businesses with the knowledge and foresight needed to thrive. Its core offerings include: 

  • Market research solutions: market research studies to provide clients with a deep understanding of their target markets and untapped opportunities. 
  • Competitive analysis: competitive analysis, enabling businesses to gain critical insights into their industry landscape and achieve a competitive edge. 
  • Trend forecasting: predictive analytics and trend forecasting techniques to anticipate future market developments, shifts in customer preferences, industry dynamics and technological advancements. 

MDRi's strategic capabilities are intended to complement the existing services offered by the Mishcon de Reya Group. It will operate in close collaboration with Mishcon de Reya LLP, the other MDR Group companies as well as the Mishcon Academy, the firm's in-house place of learning and development. 

This holistic offering enhances Mishcon de Reya’s ability to meet the diverse needs of its clients, who will be able to access a wealth of data-driven insights, market expertise and innovative learning tools.  

Kevin Gold, Executive Chairman of Mishcon de Reya, commented: "The launch of MDRi marks another significant milestone for Mishcon de Reya in Asia, as we execute our ambitious 10-year growth strategy to build a world-class consultancy with law at its heart. MDRi presents an exciting opportunity for the MDR group to enhance our offerings and empower our clients through data-driven decision-making and a comprehensive understanding of their markets. The expertise and innovative methodologies of Simon and his team align perfectly with our vision of delivering the highest quality strategic advice to drive success and I have been impressed by the calibre of their work so far." 

Simon Tye, CEO of MDRi, commented: "At MDRi, our mission is to empower businesses with the insights they need to navigate the complexities of the current business landscape. With our team of experts and our advanced data analytics capabilities, we are confident of delivering strategic advice that drives success in our client base. I am also looking forward to collaborating with other areas of the firm. By leveraging our collective strengths and expertise, we can provide a robust suite of services tailored to fit the demands of our clients." 

About MDRi 

Based in Hong Kong and with operations in London and Singapore, MDRi is a leading provider of business insights, empowering organizations with data-driven advice to make informed decisions and drive growth.  

Through advanced analytics, industry expertise, and innovative methodologies, MDRi uncovers strategic opportunities, mitigates risks, and helps businesses stay ahead in a rapidly evolving marketplace. With a commitment to excellence and client-centricity, MDRi is revolutionizing the way organizations harness insights for success. 

For more information visit MDRi

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