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Are generative AI tools agents of bias? Nina O’Sullivan and Daniel Gray for World Intellectual Property Review

Posted on 9 August 2023

Nina O’Sullivan and Daniel Gray have been featured by World Intellectual Property Review, discussing the increased use of AI in the legal sector and continued issues of generative AI producing biased outcomes.

Daniel commented: “AI is taught on human information, which may contain historic human bias, so there is certainly a risk in AI systems that this bias is repeated. The increased risk... is that where human bias may sometimes appear more sporadic or random, implicit bias in AI systems may be more systematic and consistent. The AI act is so important in requiring companies to go back to the very foundations and explaining how they’ve taken steps to avoid the inherent risks of the systems.”

Nina commented: “We’re really enthusiastic about generative large language models but recognise that there are issues that have to be navigated very carefully. IP is all about encouraging creativity. The [UK] government wants to encourage the use of AI but they have to drive very carefully between doing that and at the same time not damaging the interests of creators.”

Read more (subscription required).

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