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Disputes Nightmares

At Mishcon de Reya, we believe that the depth of our Dispute Resolution practice cannot be encapsulated through a series bullet-point credentials. It is through the narratives of our clients' most challenging conflicts that the true measure of our expertise is revealed.

In our 25-minute Nightmare Scenario flash webinars, we provide practical insights from across Mishcon de Reya's broad Dispute Resolution practice. These sessions are conducted by our seasoned experts, who not only impart strategic advice but also share their own experiences.


What would you do if...

...a member of your Board was accused of sexual harassment?

Focus area: Employment, White-Collar Crime

Several recent high-profile investigations have shown that it is of critical importance that the Board to properly address allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace. The strategic management of complex internal investigations requires the sophisticated handling not only of employment law matters, but also - increasingly - reputational risks and criminal considerations. This webinar recording provides practical guidance on how to handle a complaint of serious sexual misconduct as it becomes public knowledge. 


  • Jennifer Millins, Partner in the Employment team
  • Nick Dent, Partner in the White-Collar Crime and Investigations team
  • Bella von Bohlen, Leader in the Strategic Communications team at FTI Consulting.

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…your company's data is about to be leaked on the dark web?

Focus area: MDR Cyber, Reputation Protection and Crisis Management.

Even the most unassuming businesses are not immune to the digital menace of ransomware. When confidential data is hijacked and splashed across the web, it's not just the corporate giants that reel from the impact. Smaller enterprises find themselves in the crosshairs, grappling with the anxiety of stakeholders and the daunting task of crafting a robust response.

This webinar focussed on:

  • Lessons learnt from extortive cyber attacks in the last 12 months
  • How best to respond to a ransomware attack
  • The risks of paying or not paying ransoms
  • How to handle stakeholders, once the attacker has announced the news.

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…one of your key trading partners goes bust? 

Focus area: Insolvency & RestructuringCorporate

With insolvencies rising, we provide practical insights into what steps you can take if one of your suppliers or customers is in financial distress or goes bust. We also offer insights on the opportunities for trading partners and competitors to preserve businesses, supply lines and jobs.


  • Radford Goodman, Partner in the Insolvency & Restructuring team
  • Adam Bradley, Partner in the Corporate team
  • Colin Hardman, Partner at Evelyn Partners

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...you discovered a senior employee had stolen your confidential information to take to a competitor?

Focus area: Dispute Resolution, Employment, Fraud

A good business cannot operate without a degree of trust in its workforce – especially in its senior employees, who will often require access to highly confidential information or sensitive data in order to carry out their duties properly. But that trust can be abused, particularly when the information in question would be very valuable to an existing competitor, or an excellent foundation to start a new business, or even as an attack on management's reputation and credibility. It is therefore essential that a business knows both how to protect its confidential information, and how to respond following the discovery of deliberate misappropriation or misuse by staff.


  • Euan McMahon, Managing Associate in the Fraud team
  • Sharon Tan, Partner in the Employment team
  • Martin Boyle, Interim General Counsel at Ocado

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...there was a serious incident or fatality at work?

Focus area: Health and Safety, Construction

Prioritising workplace safety is crucial, and many industries have improved the safety of their workers over the last 20 years, with workplace fatalities generally showing a downward trend. However, it's important to acknowledge that there is still work to be done. Tragically, in the 2022/23 period, the HSE reported 135 worker fatalities in the UK, with the construction industry at the top of the list in terms of numbers. Whilst the focus must always be on prevention, being prepared for the unthinkable can help with learning lessons and longer-term improvements in safety.    


  • Kizzy Augustin, Partner in the White Collar Crime & Investigations team
  • Crystal Danbury, an Industry Health & Safety Risk Consultant
  • Alexandra Clough, Partner in Construction Disputes team

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...your key business partner finds themselves on the UK Sanctions List?

Focus area: Sanctions, Commercial Litigation, Fraud

The sanctions landscape is constantly changing and the consequences of falling foul of the prohibitions can be severe, including both civil and criminal liability. Businesses must take steps to manage their sanctions risk and make sure they are alive to the regulatory risks associated with an increasingly fragmented and fractious geopolitical order. These risks can extend to an organisation's closest and most important business partner. Being prepared for the nightmare scenario can help with learning lessons and longer-term improvements in compliance and risk management. 


  • Shaistah Akhtar, Head of Sanctions at Mishcon de Reya
  • Richard Stopford, Managing Associate in the Fraud team
  • Luke Firmin, Director of Financial Crime at Mazars

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...you find yourself in the firing line of the FCA

Focus area: Financial Services Investigations and Enforcement, Employment

The Upper Tribunal overturned the FCA's decision to ban three former Julius Baer employees, accused of acting recklessly and without integrity in respect of arrangements entered into by third parties through the bank. Our Financial Services Investigations and Enforcement team, led by Adam Epstein, successfully represented Thomas Seiler in this case. 


  • Adam Epstein, Head of Regulatory at Mishcon de Reya
  • Ben Strong KC (One Essex Court) 
  • Laura Penny, Parter in the Employment team

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Pop ups

To help you benefit from our specialist disputes expertise, we are offering you a free 15 minute online session, where you can discuss with one of our senior disputes team any follow-up questions you may have arising from one of our disputes events or webinars.

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Disputes Essentials

In-person breakfast seminar series equipping you with the most recent updates and practical recommendations in relation to those essential disputes related issues that you regularly encounter. The seminars will also provide a networking opportunity to discuss these essential issues with members of our Disputes team. These events are for in-house lawyers, barristers, accountants, insolvency practitioners and investigators.

'For the Attention of the Board' series: Tackling today's business challenges

Mishcon de Reya offers strategic counsel on these emergent challenges. Our 'For the Attention of the Board' briefing series is your vital compass, delivering concise, actionable insights for Boards, their advisors and anyone seeking a high-level grasp of these issues.

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