Jazz Shaper: Ryan Palmer

Posted on 06 November 2021

Ryan Palmer is the Co-Founder of The London Sock Company, a London-based men's accessories brand producing socks "inspired by the elegance and panache of the past".

Whilst working together at Accenture, Ryan Palmer and David Pickard decided to start a business "with London at its heart." Identifying "a gap in the market to provide a great quality sock brand for the professional male", they launched the company in 2013, despite no prior fashion experience.

Products are created using "advanced knitting methods" and quality materials such as Scottish Lisle cotton and sold through their own website and other retailers, such as Fortnum & Mason, Harrods, Matches Fashion and Mr Porter, to customers in over 80 countries.


When we started the business, it was really important to have some social positivity through the brand.

When we started, we knew nothing about fashion, we knew nothing about product development, we knew nothing about e-commerce, we knew nothing about fulfilment. All in all, we had no relevant experience at all.

I think fashion is about being an individual and whatever you want to wear.

The heart of the company is the people behind it.

Socks are an opportunity to help add a bit of personality, a bit of colour, a bit of style and ultimately help you walk a bit brighter.

It wasn’t just a commercial venture for us. We loved the idea of inspiring optimism, and it was really important for us that whatever product route we were going to go down, that there was a genuine element of positivity that was going to come from that.

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