Jazz Shaper: Cécile Reinaud

Posted on 24 April 2021

Cécile Reinaud is founder of Seraphine, the maternity clothing brand.

Cécile set Seraphine up in 2002 and led its growth for 17 years. She was inspired to revolutionise maternity wear after her colleagues in advertising complained about the lack of fashionable clothes available to them during pregnancy. After designing several items from her kitchen table for pregnant friends, Cécile opened her first shop in Kensington in 2002 with £250,000 from investors. Her aim was to perfect the art of being fashionably pregnant and bring Parisian chic to women worldwide. Cécile was also recently appointed as a board member at the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, an organisation supporting female entrepreneurs in developing countries.


The driving factor for me to jump into entrepreneurship was kind of seeing the culture that was becoming very prevalent.

There are always moments of doubt.

We had some very early success.

Before we made a big internet business, we were a shop only store.

You have to sail with the wind.

We have been working on having this big pallet of brand ambassadors … whether they are a Hollywood star or a singer or a news presenter, really all the way to top models.

 Studying and work it also gives you confidence and that’s what is key in success.

I am a big advocator for learning on the job.

 I’ve really enjoyed creating a team and it felt a bit at times more like a family because we were getting on so well.

 I love thinking outside of the box; I am a connector of people of ideas.

The concept of giving back is very important to me.

We worked with the Diana Award which is the official charity of Princess Diana and raised money for them.

Within the UK, there’s a barrier for women to become successful entrepreneurs.

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