Jazz Shaper: Georgiana Huddart

Posted on 09 October 2021

Georgiana Huddart is the cofounder of British swimwear brand, Hunza G. London-based, Hunza G is a sustainable swimwear brand, offering classic pieces in their original signature crinkle fabric.

Originally born as Hunza in 1984 under the direction of Peter Meadows, the swim label enjoyed mass success with its signature crinkle-stretch fabric and unique high-leggy cuts. The Hunza Dress became an icon of the eighties when worn by Julia Roberts in the famed film “Pretty Woman”.

Hunza G sets out to provide swimwear for all - a one size fit inclusive approach made possible by the fabric’s inherent stretch and support. The brand is now stocked at every major luxury retailer and has demonstrated its key commitment to sustainability throughout its journey.


It’s a one size incredibly flattering textured, unique, really tactile fabric that looks great on all different shaped women and it just seemed like a no brainer

It’s something I would wear which is always a good way to start a business…  if you strongly believe in it.

I definitely made some mistakes, none of them catastrophic but again we started very quietly so there was a lot of room to kind of get to grips with stuff.

There was room for adjustment and learning and development which was one of the real pros about starting it in such an organic way.

I just had always had quite a drive to work… I was just ready to do something on my own.

With social media, it was amazing, we were able to take all the information that we got from customers or followers… that’s an incredible tool to have at your hands.

We just tried to work out who we were and what we were before we were throwing tons of money around on branding.

We’ve got a really diverse range of people at Hunza but I would say the overriding characteristic is enthusiasm to the brand – you need to have people who really believe in it.

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