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Jazz Shaper: George Bramble

Posted on 12 November 2022

George Bramble is the Co Founder of Beco Pets, a business that sells eco-friendly dog food, toys, and accessories.

George secured a first class degree in Geography and Environmental Sciences from Birmingham University, which set him on the path to challenge the impact people are making on the planet. After a few years working in the drinks industry, George realised it was time to set up on his own. Having identified a gap in the market for sustainable pet products, he founded Beco in 2009 with the aim of creating the highest quality pet products with the least possible impact on the environmental. 13 years later, Beco is a certified B-Corp, and the UK’s favourite sustainable pet brand - and available in over 40 countries. 


A sustainable business is a bit of an oxymoron but it’s a journey  

To start with, I simply wanted to make the best possible dog and cat products whilst causing as little harm to the environment as possible - and that kind of stays true today. 

After a couple of years of working in a big business, I realised I wanted to do my own, I knew I wanted to do my own thing and I wanted to do it quickly. 

The big corporate world probably wasn’t right for me, I didn’t fancy being on that corporate ladder for twenty or thirty years. 

I would 100% advise getting a couple of years’ experience in business world. You’ve got plenty of time to start your own business.   

The environmental piece is absolutely central to everything we do.   

I love the buzz of being in London and running a business and trying to change or build something 

I want to run a business that makes a profit, I’m not ashamed of that. For businesses to have an impact, they need to be successful and need to grow. 

What’s great about being in a small business is, whilst it keeps you up at night sometimes and it means that you don’t switch off as much, it’s also exciting and that adrenalin is really what drives you. It’s an adventure. 

I think we’ve got an amazing team at Beco and the people we’ve attracted believe in the mission to come and work at Beco and want to be part of something where they can make a difference. 

You have to create an environment that is exciting, challenging, fun. You need to get people to believe in the mission. 

Over the years I’ve had to teach myself that sometimes it’s through encouragement. Through positive reinforcement, you get more out of people. 

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