Jazz Shaper: David Benigson

Posted on 04 September 2021

David Benigson is the CEO and Co-founder of Signal AI, a global artificial intelligence company.  

Working for his parents’ executive search business, the MBS group, David found himself spending hours manually curating stories for the industry newsletter. He spotted a gap in the market for a tech-based solution to insight at scale. With data scientist and academic, Dr Miguel Martinez and tech consultant, Wesley Hall, the trio founded Signal AI in David’s garage in 2013. They are now one of the world’s fastest growing applied AI companies, analysing millions of news articles every day, in real time, improving business intelligence and decision making. 


I was seeking to do something myself and find an opportunity. 

I had the chance to go and work for Jamie Oliver which was an incredible experience. 

[I realised] some of the most impressive and powerful business people around the country were relying on this manually created newsletter produced by a relatively small executive search firm. 

I had a bit of rebellious streak when I was growing up and I think that’s in part shaped me as an entrepreneur and helped me be someone who challenges the status quo. 

Other entrepreneurs either are immigrants or have some sort of immigrant kind of genesis – I think that shapes a mentality as to the way you approach business and that feeling that you have perhaps as an outsider who wants to change things and disrupt things. 

Part of growing a successful business is surrounding yourself with great people. 

I surround myself with great people who have the experience and pedigree to help us grow and evolve and mature the business. 

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