Jazz Shaper: Christian Henson & Paul Thomson

Posted on 27 March 2021

Christian Henson and Paul Thomson are co-founders of Spitfire Audio, a music technology company working with the world’s best composers, producers, engineers and studios to produce high quality virtual instruments and sample libraries.

Paul has a Masters degree in Music and a BEng (hons) degree in Aeronautical Engineering. He started his musical training at an early age, playing the piano and touring the world as a chorister with Worcester Cathedral Choir. His recent scores include the Slate Films/BFI production ‘Half Of A Yellow Sun’. He also scored the BAFTA winning BBC Drama production ‘The Fades’ (a co-production with BBC America) for which he won the RTS award for Best Original Theme Music.

His music is in huge demand for many of the top rating shows including ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, and ‘The Apprentice'.

Christian is a UK based multi-nominated (including Ivor Novello, BAFTA and World Soundtrack Awards), multi award winning composer. With over 45 films to his name Christian has proven to be a prodigious and versatile force within the UK film industry. Recent works of note includes BBC TV's remake of "The Go Between", ITV's "Tutankhamun" and ITV’s "Trauma". He also worked with co-writers The Flight on a posthumous collaboration with Jerry Goldsmith for “Alien: Isolation” (nominated for 'Best Score' BAFTA).


If I had any recommendations for entrepreneurs… think about the idea first and to execute that as brilliantly as you can and not to think how you can make money out of it because it can immediately put you in a conflict of interest with your end user or your customer.

Spitfire Audio wasn’t supposed to be a business at the beginning, it was just a way of recording and getting some good quality sounds for this little group of people.

What makes our company interesting, is we are working composers. 

Experimentation and the act of collaboration is where we find these seams of creativity.

It’s very hard to be a musician on your own, sitting in a room.

The key moment is when you put some parts in front of these incredible musicians and when you hear them bring your piece to life.

One of the most valuable things that people get from playing music together is a deeper sense of empathy.

The key to a successful relationship, whether that be in a business partnership or indeed in a say a marriage, is the ability to let each other be themselves.

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