Jazz Shaper: Avin Rabheru

Posted on 14 May 2022

Avin Rabheru is an entrepreneur, early-stage investor and non-executive director. He is the Founder and CEO of Housekeep.com, which became the UK market leader in the £10 billion house and office cleaner market three years after launch.

The business has raised two VC/angel investment rounds, winning Deal of the Year in 2014, and has since raised cleaner earnings 2x and received 250,000 5* customer reviews. Housekeep has won multiple awards including Service Business of the Year and Avin was named a StartUps Young Gun in 2016. The Financial Times named Housekeep as the 6th fastest-growing business in Europe in 2019. Prior to launching Housekeep, Avin was a venture capital investor and remains an active angel investor, with 40+ investments in consumer technology businesses. Prior to this, Avin worked in strategy consulting, investment banking and read PPE at Oxford University, where he won the Harold Wilson prize. 


Running a business is difficult - it’s relentless, there’s always a new challenge. 

There’s always more to do when you’re running a business; you have to figure out as a person how do I live with that, how do I manage that and how do I manage my time around that? 

If you are going to make it from founder to CEO, it’s important to be able to reinvent your team according to external circumstances 

In the early days, you learn by getting things wrong and you either figure out how to fix them or you don’t. 

I like solving problems and I kind of enjoy the intellectual stimulation of solving difficult problems. 

The reason that we’ve succeeded is because we’ve gone a level deeper to solve the more difficult problems - finding out what users really want. 

I usually think: is this important, is it good, is it going to make a big difference?   

I expect people to do things right, do it the right way.   

I feel like if I’m honest with people, if I’m open with people, if I tell them directly “this is good, this is not so good”, that goes quite a long way. 

As a sole Founder, that adds a lot of reward and a lot of challenges. 

So long as I can keep building something bigger, more meaningful, more challenging in different ways, so long as I'm solving new challenges and learning, I feel I could do it indefinitely. 

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