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75: An essay collection

In 1937, 22-year old Victor Mishcon opened a one-man office in Brixton, south London. In 2012, Mishcon de Reya now employs more than 500 people in its offices in central London and New York City. In 75 years a lot has changed.

We recognise that as we grow, and the legal, political and social landscape around us changes, we must adapt too. However, there is something upon which we will not compromise. Our core values, formalised in 2001 and based on the culture instilled in the firm from day one, are at the heart of everything we do. They champion integrity, diversity and innovation. They encourage us to welcome differing opinions and new ideas, to respect fearlessness and creativity. It is for these reasons, and in honour of our values, that we chose to mark our 75th anniversary with this publication, entitled simply “75”.

This is not a typical corporate anniversary volume, charting the chronology of our firm.

Instead, you will find in these pages a collection of essays. From Ed Howker taking us on a stroll through the history of London property and Clive Anderson considering what makes a lawyer a “learned fiend”, to Mary Riddell navigating us through the challenges faced by today’s children and Peter Beaumont exploring how the Arab Spring has tested our understanding of international democracy and law – we believe these thoughtful, stimulating and sometimes provocative essays reflect the changing nature of our global society and the diversity of opinion we hold sacrosanct. The collection includes a thought-provoking conversation about the nature of law and justice between our deputy chairman, Anthony Julius, and Jo Glanville, director of the writers’ organisation, English PEN.

We are proud to present this collection in conjunction with youth employment charity The Creative Society, which helps jobless young people find work in the creative industries. The charity has been involved at every stage in the production of this book, giving valuable experience to the young people involved.

In the years to come at Mishcon de Reya, we will be assessing our impact upon society and how to ensure we remain true to our core values for the next 75 years. For us, this starts with an understanding of the diversity, not only of our client base, but of each other – of our life experiences and our opinions.

We hope that you will find the wealth of ideas contained in this collection engaging, entertaining and inspiring.

Kevin Gold
Managing Partner
November 2012