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Helping business to incorporate material environmental, social and governance considerations into business strategy, to mitigate risk and create stakeholder value.

The importance of a purposeful Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy continues to grow, representing both the risks and opportunities that will impact a business's ability to create long term value.

It can be challenging taking all these opportunities and risks into account when devising an ESG strategy and calculating ESG risk. This is why we created the Mishcon Purpose Framework, a legally led tool which helps businesses devise and embed sustainable purpose into their corporate strategy.

The Mishcon Purpose Framework builds on current regulatory regimes and trends, international codes and frameworks and best corporate practice. It sets a global standard for ESG governance and provides a unified approach to considering and providing ESG-related advice of any kind, in every industry and Group company. From identifying appropriate voluntary reporting standards to developing stakeholder management protocols, the Framework helps businesses to ensure that they are fit for purpose today, and tomorrow.

The application of the Mishcon Purpose Framework assists in identifying and integrating material ESG factors into business strategy; and adapting governance and corporate practices across the investment chain to meet an evolving legal landscape which is shifting from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism.

Businesses can take advantage of the framework for a number of different goals, including:

  • Assessing and mitigating business risk in the context of evolving fiduciary duties.
  • Improving access to financial capital and engaging with capital providers.
  • Creating competitive advantage and growing intangible value.
  • Driving positive environmental and social impact.

The application of the framework helps business respond the following questions:

This informs a business as to its state of readiness. In particular, whether businesses are ESG compliant and where they are on the road towards best practice.

The Framework includes an ESG Risk Tool which ranks exposure to legal and business risk with a special focus on transitional risk and fiduciary duties.

Companies need to assess whether their governance is fit for purpose from an ESG perspective, including the status of their operational frameworks and legal documents.

It's not just about financial value. Intangible, natural and social value are now key to measuring businesses' performance and long term success.

The Mishcon Purpose Framework enables businesses to equip themselves to mitigate modern day business risk, create competitive advantage and grow intangible value within their industry, improve their access to financial capital as well as drive positive environmental and social impact.

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