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Every action both online and offline now leaves a digital trace. The need for intelligence about the actions and motivations of others is more pressing than ever. Whether it is a cyber-security incident, a complex dispute, or a suspicion that something just isn’t right, it is important to get to the facts. Investigations are at the heart of what we do, as we help our clients uncover evidence or generate intelligence to inform their decisions.

The nature of our cyber investigations are broad ranging. We investigate cyber frauds that use sophisticated infrastructure to defraud their victims, and provide ongoing intelligence on the misuse of intellectual property and trace the location and assets of those responsible. We leverage our connections with the legal world to rapidly and assertively take down criminal infrastructure, prevent the misuse of data and to freeze and recover funds.

MDR Cyber has a team of investigators and intelligence analysts who support our clients. Our team combines cyber intelligence skills with traditional investigative techniques to find hidden connections and critical evidence buried in open sources and data obtained through disclosure. We use the latest technology, much of it developed in-house, to find crucial data that would otherwise be missed.

Our team collaborates with our legal colleagues to open locked doors. When traditional investigations hit a dead end, we are able to gain a variety of orders to compel information to be disclosed to us and allow us to gather evidence beyond that which is openly available.


We regularly share our threat intelligence, cyber security research and our views on developments in the sector. If you'd like to receive these from time to time then please provide your information here.


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