Dispute Resolution

In today’s increasingly competitive and regulated world disputes have become a fact of business life. Recession has aggravated this for the simple reason that economic pressures lead to the break down of business relationships: When money is tight and access to liquidity is scarce, contentious issues rise to the surface. Difficult decisions have to be made about whether to maintain relationships with business partners, whether it remains viable to commit to an ongoing obligation or whether short term needs outweigh longer term planning.

We have seen a steady rise in the number and size of commercial disputes from previous years; a trend set to grow as the disputes arising out of the credit crunch come to be determined in London and beyond. When disputes do arise, the stakes are invariably high for all parties, with not only significant financial issues at play but also important reputational consequences for the parties involved.

This increase in litigation (both personal and commercial) coupled with recession and reduced budgets has brought the twin issues of alternative funding and return on investment to the top of the agenda. Lawyers must not only provide an excellent service but take a more proactive approach to cost than ever before.

Why we are different

Disputes are, by their very nature, distracting and, for most of us, stressful. The obvious solution is to solve them as quickly as possible. But the law can be a complex beast and otherwise rational people can be consumed by emotion in the midst of a dispute.

Our approach is simple: give clear, dispassionate advice from the start. Part of this common sense thinking is addressing anxiety about costs, which is why we’ve developed a unique funding and insurance package to keep risk to a minimum.

Whether the dispute is personal or commercial, our philosophy is the same. Assimilate the facts and explain the options - means of resolution can be as diverse as the issues themselves. Going to court is not the answer to everything. Each dispute requires a bespoke solution, sometimes aggressive, sometimes measured. We fight our client’s corner: we take ownership of your dispute so that we can resolve it for you as effectively as possible. We believe in delivering a return on your investment.