A family problem or relationship breakdown is seldom straightforward. Those with significant wealth or who lead lives in the public eye have an extra burden. Not only can problems be extremely draining both emotionally and financially, they also have the potential to damage careers and reputations.

Why we are different

Beyond offering a premier service for the full range of issues clients face during separation or divorce, we are also able to meet the needs they encounter in their wider personal and business lives. This includes reputation management, corporate and commercial advice and a wide variety of litigation issues.

We understand the complexity that wealth brings. As experts in wealth preservation and protection, we assist our clients and their families through all life stages, not just divorce.

We put children first. We handle a large number of defended relocated children cases. We are the first firm to enter into a partnership with a therapeutic organisation, setting up a relationship with the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships to find a better way of resolving disputes relating to children.

Our dedication to pushing the boundaries for the benefit of our clients sets us apart from other family lawyers and their firms.

Our services include all matters relating to separation and divorce including arrangements for children and financial matters; cohabitation; civil partnerships and pre and post nuptial agreements.

We have a number of notable successes in both financial and Children Act claims, including:


  • Securing our client the largest Court determined financial award  to date - £53m – in a case that necessitated injunctions and orders throughout the world including Belize, British Virgin Islands, Switzerland, The Seychelles and Cyprus.
  • We acted on Jones and N v F – the two leading cases on pre-acquired wealth.
  • Obtaining increased housing provision after a statutorily one-off housing settlement had been agreed some years earlier.
  • Acting for Kathleen Wyatt in her claim for financial provision 30 years after her separation and 20 years after her divorce from Dale Vince. The case was heard in the Supreme Court in December.


  • Successfully re-litigating a high profile leave to remove application after a refusal given by the Court two years earlier.
  • Securing a relocation, at a rehearing, for a mother who had been refused permission to live in Holland with her children and new husband.
  • Successfully defending a leave to remove application on behalf of a father in respect of an application by a mother wishing to return to her home country.