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In every area of the law that we operate, we pride ourselves in providing a best in class service to our clients. This includes creating innovative products and services to meet their disparate needs, in both their business and personal lives. Find out more about each of our products below.

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Assure - ensuring, through a rigorous, multidisciplinary approach that brings in legal, accounting, behavioural and communications experts, that clients’ anti-bribery policies meet the standards set out in the Bribery Act 2010.

Learn more about Mishcon Assure.

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Enable - a range of bespoke training and document packages designed to meet our clients’ employment needs.

Learn more about Mishcon Enable.

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Protect - designed to assist clients in obtaining funding for their own fees and to provide protection against the risk of having to pay their opponent's and their own legal costs should their action be unsuccessful.

Learn more about Mishcon Protect.

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Using Mishcon Recover we recover and prevent the unlawful use of your stolen data by swiftly obtaining powerful injunctions allowing us to search the defendant’s premises without notice to the data thief, recover stolen data, seize evidence of wrongdoing and freeze assets.

Learn more about Mishcon Recover.

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Spotlight is a crisis management simulation which allows companies and brands to practise handling a social media crisis, testing response and strategic communication across mock social channels and highlighting where improvements might be made.

Learn more about Mishcon Spotlight.

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TULIP - Turning Losses Into Profits - the first ever multi-jurisdictional product devised by a law firm to combat the multi billion dollar industry of international counterfeiting and other IP theft by converting any IP Enforcement Unit into a profit centre.

Learn more about Mishcon Tulip.

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VIP China - a holistic service combining legal, banking, property and lifestyle services focused on supporting the personal and business needs of Chinese individuals seeking to establish a base in the UK.

Learn more about Mishcon VIP China.

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The UK remains a destination of choice for High Net Worth (‘HNW’) individuals and their families. For many years, Mishcon de Reya has advised and assisted international HNW clients on establishing themselves in the UK.

Learn more about Mishcon VIP Russia.

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