Mishcon Repute

Mishcon Repute

Mishcon Repute is a range of services available to both individuals and corporate entities who would like to actively build, monitor or protect their reputations.

The reasons we provide these services:
Five modern developments in media communications create new challenges for those seeking to build, monitor or protect reputations.

  1. The increased use of the internet as a source of information.
  2. The proliferation of social media and blogs.
  3. The public’s presumption that what is published is true no matter what the source.
  4. A cultural shift that increasingly demands sensitive or scurrilous information about high profile figures and companies.
  5. After recent scandals, the public now expects that the affairs of high profile people, brands and companies should be transparent.

Damage to reputations affects share prices, investment opportunities, product profitability, community standing and relationships. A reputation can be tarnished in a matter of hours. Irreversible damage may be the result.

Ensuring a public reputation that is both consistent and positive is no longer simple. Material published online, even if the original content is removed, will still be widely available due to republishing, as well as via websites that provide the content of deleted pages. Search engines can push false, negative or misleading material to the top of the search rankings. This creates an impression that the content is both true and important. Different audiences browsing the same information may in fact see different content. This can lead to varied impressions of an individual or a company.


We understand the public scrutiny issues that high net worth individuals and companies face in an information led digital world. We combine all the expertise required to effectively build, maintain and protect reputations. In addition to legal expertise, we have brand and communications experts as well as digital and business strategy consultants. We deliver modern solutions for a modern problem. We have three separate services.

Through a process of in depth research including meeting with key stakeholders, our Repute Build service analyses a number of areas: the specific issues and threats that the company or individual may be facing, current communications and when appropriate the competitive landscape. The outputs are a differentiated market or brand positioning, a communication strategy and specific messages and content for use both on and off line.

The provision of software that tracks online content in real-time enabling individuals and companies to measure positive and negative information about them on the internet. Reputational threats are immediately identified. We can track relevant content in-house or train individuals or company employees to use the software through Mishcon Enable.

When reputational threats are discovered we provide immediate legal advice and action as well as creative content solutions to ensure that a positive reputation prevails. Through Mishcon Enable we can also train individuals or company employees on how the law relates to social media and reputation management so that they understand their response options.


As well as preparing for an occurrence and providing damage limitation after one, we offer ongoing reputation management strategies and tactics through the provision of our services.

Through the immediate identification of the sentiment of online commentary we provide timely recommendations to build and maintain reputations.

Using our services means that the cost of the typical approach of defamation claims, injunctions and court proceedings are, in many cases, reduced significantly or avoided.

Through the provision of these three reputational services we can address each individual client’s specific needs or concerns.

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