Mishcon Recover (Dispute Resolution)

Mishcon Recover


Your organisation’s confidential information, whether a database of client records, key financial information or trade secrets, can be one of its most valuable assets. Yet it is also one of its most vulnerable, open to theft and misuse from departing employees or business associates when moving between organisations or setting up in competition.

The theft and misuse of your confidential data can give a competitor a significant and unfair advantage. If your data is stolen, the power and speed of your response is vital in protecting your hard-won business and in stopping the perpetrator using your own information against you.

We have 15 years' experience advising on and litigating large and high profile data theft cases for large corporate clients as well as small businesses and individuals across numerous sectors including recruitment, real estate, finance and banking.

What does Mishcon Recover do?

Using Mishcon Recover we recover and prevent the unlawful use of your stolen data by swiftly obtaining powerful injunctions allowing us to search the defendant’s premises without notice to the data thief, recover stolen data, seize evidence of wrongdoing and freeze assets. We use this evidence to reach a quick settlement, avoiding protracted and expensive litigation. We also advise on preventative measures to protect your business in the future.

In the last five years our team has successfully resolved over 150 data theft cases for our clients. In every case where a court injunction has been required we have successfully obtained one.

Mishcon Recover is based on 4 key principles:

Obtaining and executing injunctions can be complex. They are, however, the most powerful legal remedies available. Our team of data theft specialists has 15 years' experience in obtaining the most powerful injunctions – the ‘super tool’ in the fight against data theft. As the key component of Mishcon Recover, we regularly use these injunctions to seize evidence, search defendants' homes and workplaces, freeze assets, recover stolen material and prevent our clients' stolen data being used by thieves.

When your confidential information has been stolen, it is imperative you move quickly to minimise damage to your business and ensure key evidence is preserved. Depending on the circumstances and scale of the problem, we can obtain injunctions in a matter of days, or even hours, and execute the orders immediately (simultaneously at multiple locations if required). As leaders in this field, we have an extensive network of forensic IT specialists and investigators who are on call to be deployed at short notice. Instead of protracted litigation, the Mishcon Recover approach provides for a quick settlement of cases where the thief is faced with insurmountable evidence obtained via the execution of the injunction.

The Mishcon Recover approach provides for a swift recovery of legal costs. In around 90% of data theft cases in the last five years we have been able to recover the claimants’ legal costs where the defendant has the means to pay. Our aim is to move quickly before significant damage is done to your business. However, if your business does suffer loss from the thief's actions, we look to recover that additional loss as well.

The final step in the Mishcon Recover process is to ensure your business is as protected as possible going forward. Having the best contracts, policies and IT systems in place will help ensure your business is ahead of the game in the fight against future data theft.

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