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MDR Cyber

Intelligence and Investigations

Every action both online & offline now leaves a digital trace. The need for intelligence as to the actions and motivations of others is more pressing than ever.

Our cyber investigations are broad ranging. We investigate cyber frauds that use sophisticated infrastructure to defraud their victims, provide ongoing intelligence on the misuse of intellectual property and trace the location and assets of those responsible. Most importantly we take action. We leverage our connections with the legal world to rapidly and assertively take down criminal infrastructure, prevent the misuse of data and to freeze and recover funds.

To effectively remediate a cyber-security incident or hold criminals to account, it is vital to quickly understand the nature of the issue. Proactive investigation of attackers and their methods, as well as your organisation’s infrastructure weaknesses, can prevent further losses. We will help you understand an attack or fraud, and work with our internal legal teams to recover funds, disrupt criminal operations, and prosecute perpetrators.​

There are a vast number of new and evolving tactics and techniques used by attackers. It is impossible for businesses to anticipate every cyber threat; information security teams must prioritise their activities to address the most pressing issues. We provide strategic cyber threat intelligence advisory services that can help you understand and defend against the threats most likely to affect your business and critical assets.

Using our proprietary technology, we collect and analyse information from public and privileged sources in a structured way. This allows us to provide you with evidence-based insights relevant to the threats facing your business industry sector, technology and geographic regions. Our analysis of attacks and practical, insightful mitigation advice is matched to the nature of your business and security controls, allowing you to make better business risk decisions, faster.

Asset tracing can be a complex task, requiring knowledge of information sources in multiple countries. We understand the enforcement process and use cutting-edge digital tools that ensure the most cost-effective route to asset identification, helping you catalogue and recover assets.​ Our investigations will help you identify international business interests, land and property ownership, intellectual property rights, vehicles, and luxury items. Alongside traditional online sources, we make extensive use of deep-web and social-media analysis, so that you more accurately understand asset positions and lifestyles.

Some providers take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to due diligence, which can provide you with unnecessary detail. We ensure that each report is customised to your requirements - whether they are to understand reputational, financial or regulatory risks, for corporate or individual entities.​ Our approach is holistic, combining technology-assisted investigations and intelligence expertise with a deep understanding of business practices. The benefits to you are timely and accurate findings, presented using our bespoke models to communicate specific risks. Based on these, you will be better equipped to make an informed decision about a future commercial relationship. ​

Litigation can be costly and disruptive. Our experience in supporting our in-house lawyers has given us a unique understanding of our clients’ needs. Because each case is different, we focus our efforts to answer key investigative questions. Our expertise in investigations and use of advanced technology and tools means we can help identify critical evidence and speed up resolutions. ​

We can support clients by providing:​

  • Background investigations and witness due diligence, through detailed research into a subject’s reputation, assets, and relationships, for use in litigation​
  • Asset tracing, by which our analysts discover financial and tangible assets through searches of public registers, litigation records, media reports, the deep web, and social media
  • Digital forensics, to acquire data sources by coordinating a global network of forensic specialists
  • Data analytics, by which we examine unstructured and structured data for vital intelligence via our targeted, investigative approach, keyword searching, and predictive coding for accuracy and efficiency
  • Surveillance, through our coordination of a network of surveillance specialists who assist in tracing and locating key individuals

An online presence is increasingly critical to social and business relationships. Understanding and controlling your digital past, present, and future can be important for personal and financial security. Awareness and management can also be key when launching new business ventures, to address reputational issues that may arise from a due diligence process and to mitigate unwanted media attention.​ We help you comprehend your digital exposure and online reputation, working with our in-house legal teams to systematically challenge and address concerns.


How can we help you?

How can we help you?

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