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NINETY day plan

Focusing legal work streams on what matters most

Structured to save time

Securing funding, investing in a business or taking a fledgling company under your wing are significant events. Yet once the deal is signed, it can prove difficult to prioritise what happens next. Our NINETY day plan identifies and prioritises the legal streams and support needed for:

Businesses and Organisations that have just secured funding

Now you have secured your funding, book a NINETY day plan session with one of our senior lawyers. Together we’ll discuss your business objectives and create a suitable, prioritised work list. It will cover everything from your undertakings to investors to ensuring you set up effective recruitment and sales models.

Investors wanting to ensure their investments succeed

Our NINETY day plan is typically used to ensure a business you invest in takes all the necessary steps during the NINETY days following your funding. Yet it can also be structured to guide any business in your portfolio through any stage in its lifecycle, to help you realise the most from your investment.

Accelerators and Incubators seeking to guide their young companies

Our NINETY day plan can help ensure your targeted businesses deliver on their potential once your programme ends, from making the most of workspace and mentors, to networking with fellow entrepreneurs and investors, to expanding into new markets.

What does it involve?

These are the areas our structured, NINETY day plan typically covers:

1. Assess undertakings

Identify the actions required to fulfil any post-completion undertakings such as data audit commitments, and check progress against their allotted timeframes.

2. Address due diligence issues

Map out work streams required to address any issues flagged during the due diligence process. For example, disclosing a lack of registered IP during the investment process may prompt a review of the IP strategy for filing registrations in key growth jurisdictions.  

3. Ensure recruitment plans are in place

Part of the funding may be allocated for recruitment. Employment contracts and handbooks may have to be created or updated to ensure an efficient on-boarding process.

4. Streamline the sales process

Streamlining the sales contracting process will be key to growing revenue and converting leads faster. Pilot/proof of concept agreements are quick and easy to implement and will help open the door to new business, particularly for larger enterprise customers. Later stage companies may need to focus on understanding the existing contract portfolio in relation to corporate risk positions and future business plans.

5. Prepare for new market entry

If the funding is intended to help enter new markets, there may be a need to review local requirements for doing business and organise legal support in new jurisdictions.

6. Share option scheme

If new share option grants are to be awarded following the funding, option documents may have to be updated to ensure compliance with the fundraising documents. In addition, a new valuation will need to be agreed with HMRC for the purposes of granting EMI options to employees.

Find out more

To book a tailored NINETY day plan session or to find out more about how our NINETY Day Plan will work for you, please get in touch by completing the form below.

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