The Leap 100 - Scale Up or Sell Up?

Posted on 06 April 2015

More than 100 guests attended the “Scale up or Sell up?” event – the first of two debates in The Leap 100 series 



Scale Up or Sell Up

Elliot Moss
Director of Business Development, Mishcon de Reya

We are here this evening to celebrate the beginning of The Leap 100 and this campaign is all about bringing together 100 fast growth companies and really talking to them about what it is that helps them achieve success.  CityAM  are our partners, Supper Club are our partners and the Entrepreneurs Network are our partners and those three organisations along with Mishcon de Reya are going to be looking very closely at what makes these companies click and what they need to do to help them grow over the coming year and beyond.

Eileen Burbidge
Partner, Passion Capital

The Elite 100 is a fantastic set of companies, the sort of the most promising writers, highest growth companies.  I am quite sure that what binds them altogether are the founders; the people who have started those businesses and are committed to seeing them through to their success.

Tamara Littleton
CEO and Founder, Emoderation

I was delighted to be chosen to be part of The Elite 100 because to me it shows that what we are doing is maybe disruptive, maybe just a little bit different.

Phil Cameron
CEO and Founder, No.1 Traveller

I think it’s great to be recognised as a business that’s budding, that actually has something interesting to say for itself, that is a brand that is different in doing something a little bit innovative and for us it is just a great accolade.

Elliot Moss
Director of Business Development, Mishcon de Reya

I am very excited to hear from all the people that are representing The Elite 100 companies tonight and they are going to be talking about whether they should scale up or sell up.

Tamara Littleton
CEO and Founder, Emoderation

I think the question of scale up or sell up is such a fascinating one for me.  I am very driven by scaling and growing a business.  I think people should be building companies to last and people should be investing in new staff and there is nothing stopping us reinventing our companies and just keep going.  I am really passionate about growing my company.

Franco Fubini
Founder, Natoora

The future of successful business from my point of view is passion because passion translates into strong leadership and it is very real and I think good leadership comes from genuine belief in what you are doing and nothing is more genuine than when you’ve got passion rather than trying to create something that’s not genuinely there so people relate to that.

Stuart Conroy
MD, Active Distribution Ltd

For me it’s not about selling up, obviously we all have a number that we would like to aspire to but as long as I get up every Monday morning and still want to go to work and achieve what I want to achieve then for me it is always about scaling up and trying to do more.

Tamara Littleton
CEO and Founder, Emoderation

It’s not all about the money, it’s actually about doing things differently.  Actually having fun at work, people don’t always talk about that but I like doing things differently

The Leap 100

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