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The Leap 100 - Leading Questions: What it takes to be a leader in politics and business

Posted on 20 June 2016

Our first of four events in The Leap 100 series 2016 we were joined by Jo Coburn, journalist and political correspondent for BBC News and presenter of the Daily Politics programme, and Lord Daniel Finkelstein OBE, journalist and politician, former Executive Editor and now political columnist and Associate Editor of The Times.

Daniel shared his thoughts and answered questions on leadership in the world of politics and business. He and Jo also discussed current affairs, including how the EU referendum is likely to impact the UK.


The Leap 100 – Leading Questions:  What it takes to be a leader in politics and business

Leap 100 – Leadership Event 2016

Nick Davis
Head of Corporate, Mishcon de Reya

We are here tonight at Mishcon de Reya for a Leap 100 event.  The Leap 100 is 100 fast growing companies in the UK.  Tonight’s event is around leadership.

Jo Coburn
BBC Political Correspondent

There is a lot of chat about whether or not you need the same sort of leader in business as you do in politics.

Lord Daniel Finkelstein
Associate Editor at The Times

Well everybody has a system whereby in order to challenge the leader you have to put yourself up to be the leader.

Audience member

Watching from outside of the bloodbath the last two months in the Conservative party, it looks like you’re back to 1990 just when you ousted Maggie.

Jo Coburn
BBC Political Correspondent

The EU Referendum dominated this evening, it’s dominating everything in the world of politics.

Duncan Cheatle
Supper Club Founder

I thought it was very thought provoking.  I like the format.  I really that that kind of interview style with somebody who has followed the political scene and knows the media.

Lord Daniel Finklestein

After the 2010 General Election, people kept saying to me ‘David Cameron is going to have a shock general election’ and I said ‘well that’s funny because I’ve just been round to his flat and he’s putting in a kitchen’.

Bianca Miller
Founder, The Be Group

The event was fantastic.  It was a kind of blend of politics, sports and business.

Lord Daniel Finklestein

My view is that Arsen Wenger’s incredible achievement is to manage to reduce the variants of Arsenal’s performances thus turning a team that is the third best into a team that always comes third.

Bianca Miller
Founder, The Be Group

I think it’s amazing to be at an event like this because you get to meet with other entrepreneurs and it’s really inspiring to be around other people who are really innovating and really trying to make money and make a difference.

Lord Daniel Finklestein

So this has been such a stimulating occasion because we’ve had a chance to pull apart the issues that bother both political people and business people on this central issue and it’s such an exciting moment to do it when so much is at stake.

Mishcon The Leap

To find out more about The Leap go to mishcon.com/the_leap

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