The Leap - The Power of Partnerships

Posted on 25 November 2014

On 24 November, Mishcon de Reya hosted the second event in The Leap series: the Power of Partnerships.


Elliot Moss
Mishcon de Reya

So we are here this evening for the second part of The Leap.  The Power of Partnerships is all about the importance of collaboration and about co-founders and about what needs to exist between two people who decide they are going to go and do something.  People don’t really go into the detail of the fact that many many businesses set up are predicated on two people not one.  That many people talk proudly about being co-founders in a business and tonight we explore what makes those businesses work and why those partnerships are really powerful.  Is it about trust?  Yes.  Is it about integrity? Absolutely.  Is it about a common purpose? 100%.

Lord Karan Bilimoria
Chairman, Cobra Beer

Partnerships are not just the partners you start your business with.  Partnerships extend to everyone you deal with in business.  Your employees, your suppliers.  I couldn’t own my own brewery when I started Cobra Beer, we partnered with those breweries so partnerships in every form can be the backbone of your business.

Jens Torpe
Chief Executive, City A.M.

I think what’s important is that when you talk about organisations it’s never just a diagram on a piece of paper.  Organisations are living creatures, they are living people so every once in a while you go through some bad periods like what Lawson and I found out was that whenever we didn’t function 100% together it seemed the whole company suffered.  We’d trust one another so we don’t have to sit and discuss what each other is doing each and every day.

Lawson Muncaster
City A.M.

Trust number one. Believe that that person is doing their job and leave them to do their job and trust in that and vice versa.  When you turn up you go and do your job because you can’t let your partner down and if you have that simple chemistry you will achieve things.

Shalini Khemka
Founder E2Exchange

So I started E2Exchange in 2011 and I started it totally alone and I tell you it was really tough.  We didn’t have any partners, I didn’t have a team and luckily sort of four years on now I am bringing in very senior people.  I think human nature is we want to do things with people that we get on with and we want to share our daily lives with people that we like to work with and it makes the journey a lot easier.

James Eder
The Beans Group

I started a company nine years ago with my co-founder and brother, Michael and the whole idea is how we can help students save money and how we can help businesses engage with 18 to 24 year olds.  We are now a technology company that allows brands to verify students as students and we are now in twenty countries across the globe.  We do spend a huge amount of our time investing in innovation and new technologies and something we have really benefitted from is the investment in R&D tax credits.  The law I think has helped us in terms of the benefits of being a forward thinking organisation.

Piers Linney
CO-CEO, Outsourcery Plc

The underlying factor beneath it all, behind all of business, all of partnership is one word.  Integrity.

Elliot Moss
Mishcon de Reya

Tonight we heard that if you get it right and you find the right person then the skies the limit.


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