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The International Fraud Group Panel Discussion

Posted on 15 June 2017

Fraud in 2020 and beyond. An IFG panel discussing the impact of the world's fastest growing industry.

To see a selection of photographs from the event, please click here.

The International Fraud Discussion Panel
Fraud in 2020 and Beyond: The Impact of the World’s Fastest Growing Industry

Gary Miller
Partner, Mishcon de Reya
IFG Co-Founder

The purpose of today’s event is to bring together experts and professionals in the area of cyber fraud and to discuss issues that are affecting business, Governments and indeed even people on the street.

Claire Broadbelt
Partner, Mishcon de Reya

Every day companies are being targeted by individuals, by criminal gangs and by unfriendly States.

Lord Ashdown
Senior Advisor at G3
Former leader of the Liberal Democrats

I think one of the things people have to understand is that this is going to change everything.

Lord Arbuthnot
Parliamentarian and Defence Specialist

State sponsored hacking is truly serious both for Governments and for private sector organisations. Governments need to worry about States actually testing out their critical national infrastructure so that there is a hold over the Government for the future.

Alex Holmes
Deputy Direct of Cyber Security

I think the UK’s digital infrastructure is pretty resilient but ultimately it doesn’t matter how resilient the UK’s infrastructure is, businesses need to take responsibility as well for protecting themselves.

Lord Arbuthnot
Parliamentarian and Defence Specialist

Private sector organisations need to worry about what use the data that they are letting go might be put to.

Faeth Birch
Partner and Head of Cyber

I think cybercrime as an issue is just like any other reputational issue.  It’s the way you handle it that really, really matters and they should have identified within the organisation here the real risks are and they should make sure that they practice, that they do a full cyber drill in advance so that they know how to respond.

Alex Holmes
Deputy Direct of Cyber Security

What we have learnt from recent incidents is that it is a cultural problem not just a technology problem and so Government’s priorities had been in addition to making sure we have enough skills within the economy and that we have a thriving cyber sector it is that helping businesses do the basics and getting the basics right to protect themselves.

Karyn Harty
Partner, McCann FitzGerald

What I felt was particularly interesting about the Panel session this evening was this is actually about our homes and how we live.  It’s the risk of cyber-attack against the internet and things, security alarms, how our electricity works, those are the fundamental things that make us vulnerable.

Joe Hancock
Cyber Security Lead, Mishcon de Reya

I think the fact that cyber is a cultural issue is very, very important. It isn’t just about technology, it’s not just about business, its about people and changing people’s behaviours is really, really important.

Hugo Plowman
Partner, Mishcon de Reya

You know fraud is international.  You know every case I come across now involves an international element. Almost all of them are you know, digitally enabled.  You need to have a network of people who understand how to break down these networks, how to investigate them and how to take action robustly to disrupt and degrade the threat.

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