Pre-MIPIM Real Estate Party 2017

Posted on 10 March 2017

The Mishcon de Reya pre-MIPIM Real Estate Party, co-hosted with New West End Company and Bee London, with support from the Department for International Trade, started the 2017 MIPIM season in style - you can check out the highlights in this short film.

Pre-MIPIM Real Estate Party 2017

2017. The Year of Change

The Mishcon de Reya pre-MIPIM Real Estate Party, co-hosted with New West End Company and Bee London, with support from the Department for International Trade, started the 2017 MIPIM season in style – you can check out the highlights in this short film.

Susan Freeman
Partner, Mishcon de Reya

The theme of this year’s party is Change which seems very appropriate with what’s going on around us in the macro and the micro but it’s still all about collaboration and getting people together and it’s probably more important now than ever before that we get people talking to each other and discussing how they’re going to deal with things that come up during the course of this year

Elliot Moss
Chairman, BEE London

As you look at the property scene and in fact the bigger economic scene we are in the middle of probably the biggest change in a generation.  There are so many variables, not just the Brexit variable but the way the European elections are going to go this year, we are really on the precipice of unknown territory and I think that’s both a threat and an opportunity

Nick Doffman
Head of Real Estate, Mishcon de Reya

2016 has been a challenging year for the Real Estate Department not least of all because of the consequence of Brexit.  I think we have rallied round, we have continued to grow and we are still probably one of the biggest real estate departments in London and therefore the UK and servicing some of the household names in the real estate sector and industry.

Tony Danaher
Capital Investment Organisation
Department for International Trade

Like Queens before Wimbledon, it’s a chance to actually prime yourself up for some of the networking and the case building of projects that we’ll do with a lot of the investors and developers that Mishcon very successfully bring together the week before MIPIM.

Jace Tyrrell
Chief Executive, New West End Company

We collaborate with our members, we collaborate with the politicians and we collaborate with partners like Mishcon de Reya and we are really about the commercial success of the West End so tonight’s event is really important to us, we bring our members together, they can network and hopefully some good relationships are formed that helps the West End to continue to thrive. 

Brandon Lewis MP
Minister of State for Policing and the Fire Service

Collaboration is absolutely vital, whether it’s between central government or local government or local government and other partners as well working across the public sector to make sure that we get the best outcomes but also getting the right result for the public that we all serve. 

Dr Pippa Malmgren
Geopolitics & investment expert

People need to talk to each other about their thought process around property because the landscape is changing so much we can’t assume anything or take it for granted.

Nick Searl
Partner, Argent LLP

Collaboration is going to be absolutely vital to the property sector, we are going to have to see public and private sector coming together to make land available to be able to deliver the houses that the mayor is requiring. 

Liz Peace CBE
Former Chief Executive, British Property Federation

The public sector simply cannot do a whole range of the things that need to happen for economic and social growth, they need the private sector and it’s much better if you can collaborate rather than have some confrontational type agreement. 


I would like to see the advice, the supplementary planning guidance, the opinions, the ideas, all changed into legislation so that we can very quickly build the homes that are needed. 

Bob Neill MP

We’ve got to be able, still, to produce the volumes and the quality of property both commercial and residential to keep London, in particular, competitive in the post-Brexit world. 


My relationship with Mishcon is I have a very good team here, they leap at deals when they are available and just very, very supportive, very capable and very good to work with.

Dr Pippa Malmgren
Geopolitics & investment expert

This is a great party, Mishcon always knows how to throw a good party.

Charlie Green
Founder and CEO, The Office Group

This is a great networking event.  Any opportunity where you get to see people outside of the work environment actually is a different kind of connection you have with them so it’s always good fun, it’s a warm-up for MIPIM and if the sun is shining it will be a good MIPIM.  

2017. The Year of Change

Mishcon de Reya

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