Pre-MIPIM Real Estate Party 2015

Posted on 5 March 2015

Co-hosted this year with London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


London Connections

Pre MIPIM Real Estate Party
Mishcon de Reya

Susan Freeman
Partner, Mishcon de Reya

This event is all about connections, it’s a way of getting people together so they get into the mood of MIPIM.  We are delighted to be co-hosting again with the London Chamber of Commerce.

Tony Pidgley, CBE
President, LCCI

I think we should first of all thank Mishcon de Reya.  They do a great job hosting this.  They bring large corporates together and small business.  It’s good to start networking before MIPIM.  It gives everybody an opportunity to relax and get into the mood.

Colin Stanbridge
Chief Executive, LCCI

What you will see here tonight is a huge number of people, all networking, all connecting together and that is of course what MIPIM is all about anyway so it is a fabulous kick-off to what is going to be a fabulous MIPIM.

Brandon Lewis MP
Minister of State for Housing and Planning

I think nights like tonight play a really important part.  It brings people in the industry together to talk about things.  I’ve already had a few people talk to me about schemes they are doing in the private equity sector which we are very interested in. 

Cllr Robert Davis
Deputy Leader, Westminster City Council

And understanding how that works I try and use MIPIM as that opportunity to meet people, to discuss the possibilities.  And by bringing people together, talking together and engaging we can actually make our great City even greater.

Brandon Lewis MP
Investment Director; Capco

Connections are vital in our industry and Mishcon certainly are fantastic at making sure we all get to talk to each other.  I am very lucky I get to network with some industry leading figures, therefore I get to understand what people are thinking.

Ross Bailey
Founder and CEO Appear Here

I think nights like this are really important bringing different people together in one room with similar passions, similar outlooks and sharing new ideas.  For us, you know we are a new company, we are someone who is trying to disrupt this industry.  It is great to come to events like this and get to know the movers and shakers.

Brian Bickell
Chief Executive, Shaftesbury PLC

It’s really good to see people networking.  It is a warm-up for MIPIM which is probably the ultimate networking event for this whole industry but it is really good to get people talking now and then the conversations can continue as the party moves down to MIPIM

Giles Barrie
Managing Director, FTI Consulting

It is absolutely buzzing here.  All Mishcon events are always done with a real panache, thanks really to the flare and imagination of Susan Freeman really.  MIPIM is all about networking.

Jace Tyrell
Deputy Chief Executive, New West End Company

Connections are critical in our business.  Real estate, retailers coming together.  That importance of trust working in business is really important and Mishcon de Reya do an excellent job in bringing the industry together and we don’t need to be in the South of France to celebrate what a great connection we all have in London.

Martyn Evans
Cathedral Group

Our business is all about relationships.  It’s not about numbers on pieces of paper, it’s about people meeting.  This is where it happens, places like this.

Nick Doffman
Head of Real Estate, Mishcon de Reya

London is attractive because there has always been an intrinsic value in land in London.  It doesn’t suffer from the same sort of volatility other countries and big cities around the world suffer from so there has always been this huge appetite from inward investors.

Dr Pippa Malmgren
President, DRPM Group

I see so much instability in the rest of the world and a huge amount of capital flight that’s coming into the UK plus I would argue that Britain has emerged as the most significant tax haven now in the world.  Everything else is kind of no longer open for business so you have a combination of a genuine domestic growth story drawing capital in and capital trying to flee from instability to a place that they perceive to be stable.  All that is good for the property market.

Jace Tyrell
Deputy Chief Executive, New West End Company

Selling businesses in Mayfair and Bond Street, we have got some significant challenges coming up – visa reform, investment into the area so it is really important that we represent the luxury retailers and property owners with a new Government and a new Mayor in the next few years.

Dr Pippa Malmgren
President, DRPM Group

I worked in politics, I was in the White House as the President’s advisor, I worked in the financial markets on a trading floor and in different parts of the world as well and at the end of the day it is all about who you know and who you have some trust with.  That’s the key to being able to navigate your way I think.

Emily Wright
Features and Global Editor, Estates Gazette

This is a brilliant opportunity to kick off proceedings early and for everybody to come, gather together in London – one of the most successful cities in the world – to get into the spirit and prepare for what will be I am sure an amazing week down at Cannes.

Susan Freeman
Partner, Mishcon de Reya

The benefit is that we get to say thank you to our fantastic clients, we get to invite people that we would like to do business with and if all goes well, they will collaborate together and there will be more business so it’s a win win situation for all of us.

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