Mishcon's digital strategy: a short film

Posted on 29 November 2012

A short film about Mishcon de Reya's presence in the digital world.

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Mishcon’s Digital Strategy:  A Short Film

A short film about Mishcon de Reya’s presence in the digital world

Sir John Hegarty

Carol Hughes

John Vincent

Lara Morgan

Sir John Hegarty

Creative Director and Founder of BBH

My little dictum in life is doing interest things and interesting things will happen to you.

Lara Morgan

Founder of KUTA.me

Your equity piece is your most valuable card on the table when you sell.  So you should sell your grandmother before you sell equity.

Carol Hayes

 MD of Carol Hayes Management

I always joke that I would be a good person to have if war broke out because I could have a strategic way out, there’s always, there’s always a route out of any situation.

Ramona Mehta

Hi, my name is Ramona Mehta and I am a Partner in Mishcon de Reya and Head of the Reputation Protection Group.  If you have a Facebook page for example about your product you’re automatically opening the doors for people to comment on your product and comment on the appropriateness and effectiveness and quality of your product.

Kevin McCarthy

Hi I am Kevin McCarthy, I am a Corporate Lawyer with Mishcon de Reya.  If the deal doesn’t happen the first time you try it, don’t be put off, come back, circumstances change, personnel change, if a deal makes commercial sense it will still make commercial sense in a year.

Adam Moralee

My name is Adam Moralee, I am a Partner at Mishcon de Reya in the Litigation Department.  If you are going to spend money on a lawyers spend it on them drafting your key commercial agreements so you don’t ever have to talk to someone like me.

Katie Derham

Before a divorce gets to court, you would like there to be a first step if you like

Mishcon de Reya

What I think is important is that before anyone thinks of litigating children issues, they are forced to go into conflict clinics, a therapeutic resolution of the issues.

Katie Derham

We do still live and work in a world where investigative journalism and the public interest is supported.

Mishcon de Reya

No, I am sure good quality investigative journalism is not going to be compromised by post Leveson regulation. 

Liz Ellen

When it comes to the Rio Olympics I would like to see the overall protection reigned in.

Ben Annable

I disagree with people when they say that joint ventures are a last resort in these economic times.

Mishcon de Reya