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Posted on 16 August 2017

The Real Estate department recently hosted a round table debate with Patricia Brown of Central as part of our Collaboratory series. The theme, 'London post… everything!', enabled our guests, drawn from the senior ranks of developers, local authorities and thought leaders, to examine the many issues facing London at this inflection point. The areas we explored ranged from Brexit, the Grenfell disaster, the housing crisis, local authority funding for housing and the public realm, to the urgent need to innovate. For all these critical issues facing London, the debate proved to be a positive and useful opportunity for open discussion. We interviewed some of our guests before and after the debate - the short film above features comments from those listed below, capturing the essence of the issues that were raised.

Nick Searl, Partner, Argent

Pat Brown, CEO, Central

Rob Heasman, Project Director, Lendlease

Tony Travers, Director, London School of Economics

Susan Freeman, Partner, Mishcon de Reya

Anita Rivera, Head of Planning, Mishcon de Reya

Jace Tyrrell, CEO, New West End Company

Mishcon de Reya

The Collaboratory Central

London: post…everything!

Roundtable discussion on the future of London hosted by Mishcon de Reya and Central as part of The Collaboratory series of debates

Africa House, Holborn, July 2017

Jace Tyrell, CEO

New West End Company

I think Mishcon de Reya are fantastic in bringing different interests together, whether you’ve got the local authority, you’ve got the business sector, the voluntary sector.

Nick Searl, Partner


The importance of collaboration where you’ve got members of both the public and the private sector sitting together in a room for two hours debating some of the most important issues that face London, not just from a property perspective but from a general perspective about how London is going to grow, how it’s going to develop and I think both the boroughs of outer London and the centre of London will benefit from that.


It’s really good to forward look the next decade, what are the challenges we are facing but also the opportunities and actually to talk amongst a peer group that isn’t just the usual peer group that we are engaging with.

Anita Rivera, Head of Planning


Regeneration is a really hot topic at the moment so really the question developers have to be asking themselves is what is regeneration.  Because historically local authorities would perhaps sell their land, monetise their property and use the injection of capital funding to supply new housing but now local authorities are taking a much more collaborative approach in how they see their communities and areas developing.

Rob Heasman, Project Director


No single party can unlock the opportunities and the public sector aren’t building houses, it’s the private sector that deliver that but the private sector can only do that where they have a licence to operate and all the authorities with various permissions in place so it is absolutely critical that the public and private sector work together to deliver large scale projects in London.

Pat Brown, CEO


This is the opportunity to think afresh, to really start to tease out some new ideas, to build the trust that is so essential within that sort of collaborative approach that we need for our City making.

Susan Freeman, Partner


Collaboration really is key to everything and we need more collaboration between central government and local government, more collaboration between the public sector and the private sector and even possibly, collaboration between the main political parties to sort  out some of the issues.

Pat Brown, CEO


Where I am seeing positive signs are where the public and the private sector are coming together to explain to the communities how things are built, how things are paid for and bringing them into the conversation about what they want in their local area and helping achieve something that works for everybody.

Tony Travers, Director


I think these debates are important because people who have some understanding of the issues of what’s going on can meet other people who know more and actually if you talk with people you learn new things and knowledge moves on.  That’s why cities exist in the first place.


I think with all the things that have occurred over the last year or two, London is at what we will look back as a key moment in its evolution.  It’s faced many problems over centuries, it’s always faced up to them, it’s always been very open in the way that it’s taken on those challenges and it’s always succeeded and come through and I believe London will do it again.

Mishcon de Reya

The Collaboratory Central

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